US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


The term you are looking for is beaner.


It’s a system of government that would have worked well and would work well in a 32 county Republic which you apparently favor. Legislation favoring Dublin and Antrim vetoed by Leitrim and Fermanagh.


The problem is that our imperial overlords would have ignored any democratic system as evidenced by them ignoring the democratic vote on 1918 which was a landslide for SF/ Irish independence.


GE Ireland 2016

FG 544,140 (25.5%) 50 seats 31.5%
FF 519356 (24.3%) 44 seats 28%


You could also argue that the Unionist Irish were correct to resist a United Ireland given that what was established was a theocracy.


They are Mexicans and proud of it. Just as I’m Irish and proud of it. You are a very confused individual.


The way Irish Americans start to find American insanity normal terrifies me. The idea that it becomes normal to vote for mass-voter suppression. The most un-Irish thing ever. I think a lot of it is a desperation to fit in and then huge mental gymnastics to try and justify any aul bullshit. I fucking despise Irish-America, snowflake is me.


he can get gender fluid and trans but he cant wrap his head around dual nationality. wonder if he considers himself a dub instead of a limerick man


They could have saved us from the Catholic Church.


Dumb rating. Irish people, regardless of where they end up, are some of the most free thinking people on the planet.

Voter suppression and voter enhancement was invented in Ireland. One would think someone from Ulster would know that.


Most of the Limericks on here disown him.


Why is it so hard to understand dual nationality? Lots of Irish people in America are American citizens but would consider themselves Irish first. Nothing wrong with that.


Exactly. Aren’t half this board Italians?


Italian/Ulster folks. Strange mix or is it Ulster/Italian?


Are they Mexicans or latinos, you used the two interchangeably.

On which basis are you dismissing their votes?


Nothing hard to understand about it. The hard part to understand is why @labane1917 is dismissing their votes.


Are they not both?


They might or might not be. But on the one hand he’s talking about ethnicity and on the other he’s talking about nationality, they’re not the same thing.


So you mean that the Republicans are acting like Ulster Loyalists? And these are the cunts Irish-America votes for? The abused turn abusers it sounds like, unIrish behaviour.


interesting scenario for the anti trump snowflakes that has them defending a white male thug who manhandled a young female intern. i just heard marion mckeown on rte radio have a #metoo moment where she relayed a yarn of being spoken to abruptly by sarah huckerbee as some sort of justification for that animal treating the young intern the way he did.
along with young monica lewinsky who was taken advantage of by a sexual predator it looks like youd want your head examined to be a young white female intern in the white house.