US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


I trust you haven’t seen the incident then.


here we go.


he did put his hand on her arm


He did. It was vicious.


The bastard, did he not know he could have broke her arm?

Fucking animal. :slight_smile:


Trump has lads on the internet driven demented


The men are demented, the women are lusting for him, its incredible.


there are fellas manhandling women going about doing their job, and on the internet other fellas are sweeping it under the carpet because they dont want to be seen allied to a democratically elected president

these are the times we are living in, its utterly fascinating


Sanders has tweeted a slowed down version of the heinous assault. Ah lads, the worlds gone mad.


He karate chopped her arm.
If he was a swan he could have broken it.


You cant assault women bro.


Has the journalist apologized to the young lady yet?


I’m sure that Dianne Feinstein will be along shortly with a truckload of women who have been similoarly assaulted by this guy


lads, just to clarify here. you cant go round putting your grubby paws on young women like that. its not acceptable.


That’s the title of her memoir sorted


Except in secondary school







The conspiracies are starting already. get the tinfoil hats on.