US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


You just can’t raise your hands in that situation


It’s not a natural action


Anyone who’s watched EPL football for the last 25 years knows you can’t raise your hands.


She’s dived in there though.


If he did that to referee he’d be suspended for a long time, yet some fellas think it’s ok for him to do it to a young intern at a press conference


Bandage repeats my gag after an interval of one post. Is this a record?


You simply can’t raise your hands in that instance.


I’ve got to hold my hands up here.


I’d say you were dying to fire one off.


Whether it is or isn’t a red is debatebale but he put himself in a position to be sent off.





the #believeher crowd are now slating the poor intern saying #shetouchedhim

you couldn’t make it up


Back and to the left.


Checks and balances


Get a job Rafael .



The left truly believe in freedom of the press. This mob gathered outside Tucker Carlson’s house last night terrorizing his wife and four children.


Is “Benny” considered to be a reputable news source?


Fucking hell, the replies to that are insane.