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Is the Washington Post?


That’s behind a paywall so I couldn’t tell you. Why did you post up a tweet from “Benny”?


What’s your issue with Benny (or The Daily Caller)?

Are you another one of those nutters who thinks only left wing media is credible?


No I only asked you if he is considered to be a credible news source. I’ve never heard of “Benny” or the Daily Caller.


They are about as credible as any mainstream source these days, which is why I read a range of them and come to an informed opinion.




This incident with the intern brings back memories of that dirty old bastard Bill Clinton.
He was in the middle of the lewinsky scandal in 98 denying everything and the fucker launching missiles into Afghanistan and Sudan to take the heat off of him self. A gas man.
A month later he was over in good old Oireland playing golf and lapping it up with the Oirish simpletons who weren’t really that interested in a young intern having a cigar pushed up her fanny by the potus.
Oireland has really matured as a nation since


14 days with a post. :astonished: It’s almost like Sid and Labane were talking to themselves in here.

Anyway, they are coming for you @Tim_Riggins


And they didn’t even win…


He’s not wrong about this in fairness.



Who will get the Democratic nomination in 2020


It’s too early to tell.


Trump is after sorting the oil price there. Some man.



Was just looking at his tweet there. :slight_smile: He is some man.


I saw that last week Tim . Surely even the Dems can’t be that thick .


They like that joker from Texas that lost to lyin’ Ted recently. Bubba O’Reilly or something.


She’ll definitely have a run at it again as it is her right as a senior Democratic stateswoman, look at Pelosi and Feingold, the mummified wing of the party.

They are stuck though, the alternative is halfwit pretend socialists like the wan from NYC and Cory fucking Booker.


Bad week for Trump. The “Trump Tower Moscow” angle seems much more believable than shrieking about an imaginary piss-tape.

The trade war with China is being blamed for the stock market going down.

If Kelly goes it will seem a complete farce.