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The stock market is fine. The dow has gone from below 17,000 points prior to his election to an all time high this year of 26,800 and is now hovering at 24,500. Trump is taking on China’s unfair practices, it has to be done and the market swings on these geo-political agreements daily. The economy is about the only thing Trump is bullet proof on.
I hope Mueller comes up with something decent shortly as he seems to have exposed the square root of fuck all that’s going to derail DT. Remember @Sidney and Matt Cooper, The Guardian creaming their pants and frothing at the mouth for months on end about collusion, election tampering, impeach Trump, it’s all come to fuck all. Filing charges on him paying hush money to a porn star, Jesus, that’s the best they’ve come up with so far. Sure the best Presidents were womanisers for the ages.

A monumental waste of time and energy and tweets and letters to daughters because they didn’t like an election result.


The stock market and economy depend hugely on the US China trade spat, if it escalates further then we could see a prolonged bear market. Trump won’t want that though, so expect some sort of agreement in the next few months. The Fed are now caught in their own trap, raising rates into a slowing economy which may precipitate a recession. Not the first time they have done it, keeping interest rates at or near zero which creates asset bubbles and then raising them too late in the cycle.

Regarding Trump, it will be interesting to see if the Dems go aggressively after him when they take control of the house in January. Like any good card player, Trump is holding a significant ace which is the internal FBI/DOJ documents that purportedly show the FISA warrants to spy on his campaign were based sorely on the discredited Steele dossier financed by the DNC. If the Dems go after Trump for business dealings before he entered the presidential race in 2016, then I would expect all out political war with a lot of casualties. When it comes to shady business dealings there are few politicians of either party that are clean.


I think you’re giving the man himself too much credit here. Whoever benefits from him being in place might be holding something but assuming that he himself has the faintest fucking clue about what is going on is a stretch.


People who underestimate Trump are consistently proven wrong, his Republican opponents in the primaries and the DNC two prime examples. Compared to his political opponents he is a heavyweight. Of course he knows what’s going on with the investigation, the DOJ report to him ffs.


Oh he might hear them saying stuff to him but I don’t think he understands it at all.
I’m not going to argue about it, it’s a waste of time. I just think the man is a dolt and has no real comprehension of what is happening.


What the fuck is the point posting on an internet forum if you’re not going to argue about it?


You miss @sidney don’t you


Stick to the darts pal.


Kelly gone now. :grinning:


It’s easy to lose track. He must be on his s3cond or third lap of appointees for some of his positions. It’s truly bonkers.


It said on the news last night that this was the 28th resignation /firing since he came to power


He’s trying to change the public job for life culture. 28 resignations is a great start. It’s a massive swamp


I heard a fairly eye opening story about hrc today from an impeccable source. She is in no place to be throwing any stones.


Don’t be shy spill the beans… I doubt she looks in here!


Is there a cigar involved?


Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen sentenced to three years.


pm please


another mick in the whitehouse, President Trump recognises the skillset of the emigrant


He is an old school businessman who rewards talent and hard work . No need for quotas .


The micks run the states.