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A good Ulster Irish name from around county Derry @glenshane should be proud .


I see Trump has the military–industrial complex in a tizzy.

Nice knowing you Donald. It’s been a mad couple of years.


It’s great that the USA defeated ISIS, the force they unwittingly created.
Shame they didn’t defeat Assad who they went in to Syria to remove.


The three grown ups have all left the White House now.


ISIS the force they supported to defeat the Taliban, who were the force they supported to defeat the Russians, who were the force they supported to beat the Germans


And the US are about to more or less surrender to the Taliban after 17 years and the Russians are the ones fighting ISIS in Syria.


Meanwhile the Kurds have been mugged off by the US yet again.


This whole adults thing has been such a.load of bollocks from the start. It’s just given more cover for the extremism and racism this administration is based on. None of these so called adults (Mathis, Kelly, god knows who the third you refer to is) have done fuck all to introduce any semblance of intelligence or balance to this facist jokeshop.


They stopped him nuking Rocket Man.


Trump is shutting down the government unless he gets $5bn for his wall. As shutdown negotiations go $5bn is pocket change tbf but it’s his own crowd he’s lining up against this time.
The fact that the US government nearly shuts down, or actually does shut down, once a year over budget negotiations is definitely one of the more bizarre US customs. A very strange place at times.
Trump is on a roll at the minute. Out of Syria, reducing forces in Afghanistan, getting rid of anyone who disagrees with him and get the wall built. Some December. He’s definitely not easing himself into the Christmas


Big time. Did their dirty work and cast aside like nobodies once again


The Bush/Obama US military adventures in the Middle East since 2001 have cost $2.5T, most of which was borrowed so future generations are saddled with the debt. What has been accomplished exactly? Is the ME any less insane or safer now than it was in 2001? I think any sane person would say no, so basically $2.5T pissed down the drain, over a million dead and millions injured and countless millions reduced to abject poverty.

Meanwhile warmongering cunts like Mattis are outraged that they can’t keep the carnage going, as what use is a huge military budget unless you’re waging war somewhere.


The problem is they should never have gone near it in the first place but now that they have there’s no way for them to get out. Foolish to weaken their hand in advance of negotiations with the Taliban though. Whatever happens the Taliban will be back in control of the whole place in a few years. Be like the fall of Saigon once the the US is gone they won’t be back


Well they should have gone near it with a plan.


They had a plan. All countries in the ME were going to be bastions of democracy by now.
A bunch of clowns basically.


They hate our freedom…


The US is now effectively energy and oil independent, so has no strategic reason to be in the ME any longer. Time for the Europeans to step up and sort the place out. Perhaps the UK post Brexit can have another go at reestablishing their empire.


Bunch of Homer Simpsons realise the effect that voting for populist arseholery can have

No on 24


Whats the view on AOC? Style over substance?

V polished performer anyway


You joking?

She’s only helped that some elements of the right get hysterical towards her which deflects from her positions.