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I like her, she has lots of spunk which is badly needed in politics. Besides, she is the only one of the newly elected group of Democratic females who belongs in the rough birds thread.

Alright Sort of the Year 2019

Why would I be joking when I asked a question?


She is far from polished, she stutters and struggles to make a coherent point at times. She leaves herself wide open to ridicule.

She is enthusiastic, presentable and young and that certainly sells. Over time she will get better.

The biggest mistake the right are making with her is the digging up of her dancing in a college music video. It’s hysterical and nothing to do with her positions.


Point re polished relates to entire persona incl social media. She is clearly v well advised


Sweep sweep


Are you new around here?


I dunno, give her credit, she is an outsider. She was elected because she is relatable to many. She was the upstart against the Democratic Caucas chair in the primaries.

Social media is one of those things that modern political machines has not managed. Nobody would have advised Trump to behave the did (and still does) on it.


She drops a few clangers but I like her, full of energy and right minded. Making issur of the dance clip was a major fuck up by the right.


Superb from the Don


It’s some fucked up country where politicians can cause thousands of low paid workers not to get their wages


Even better




Trump speaking to the nation tomorrow night on border security and his fetish for a concrete wall.
This is his first prime time TV appearance, I think Obama had 13.
A nation awaits.
My money is he declares a national emergency and funds the project directly from the executive branch (oh yes he can). Will be fascinating to watch the outcome.


Trump’s live address tonight has the Guardian frothing at the mouth all day. They’re showing tweets saying he shouldn’t be allowed on live tv… the President. Fascinating etc, etc


I find it fascinating how you aren’t able to post on this thread without exclaiming some sort of variation of “Trump is sticking it to those libtards, yeah!”

I think this is because you are very unconfident in your debating “skills”.


The response from Schumer and Pelosi should be truly fascinating. The same Schumer and Pelosi (and Obama and HRC) who voted to spend over $100B in 2006 and 2013 to build a partial wall and beef up security on the southern border.

It was a good idea to partially build it for $100B, but a bad idea to finish it for $5B. It was also not racist to build a wall in 2006/2013, but is racist now. You couldn’t make it up, etc.


I think what’s also fascinating is that Trump has shut down the federal government to demand funding for the US to pay for a pointless wall which he spent years telling everybody the US wouldn’t pay a cent for.

I mean, you couldn’t make it up, as some of you people like to say.


Democrats make it up as they go along


The Trumptards are being driven demented. :grin:


He was elected on the promise of said wall. It’s perfectly valid that he does what he can to get that wall built.