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You’re not exactly debating anything here yourself, other than displaying your pathological need to comment on anything Trump related.

The Guardian are desperate and make fools of themselves regarding the President, I find it slightly humorous, unlike any of your comments.


He’s turned politics into an episode of Geordie Shores or towie. Silly cunts on both sides only looking to point score. The issues are irrelevant as long as points are scored.

Basically, Trump has given the silly cunts a voice. All of them.


The performing seals are performing.


You didn’t address the point and again you fell into the trap which I correctly pointed out you always fall into.

Again, this is because you have no confidence in yourself as a debater.


They appeal to people who can’t actually think. It’s a simple question really, do you want open borders or a secure border? If you want open borders (and many of the new generation of Democrats do) then what’s the point having immigration at airports or any security on borders?

Before the existing walls were built and other security measures added, there were 1 million apprehended crossing illegally per year across the southern border. That number is now down to less than half a million (still a crazy number, and that’s just the ones caught). In 2017, 17,000 were apprehended who had prior convictions in the US. The Democrats would happily let all these people waltz in.

The US has the most generous immigration policies in the world, 1M legal new immigrants per year, along with another 50-100K asylum seekers. The great majority of immigrants are from Hispanic and Asian countries, so it’s hardly a racist policy.


Go easy this year pal, you’ll have another mental breakdown. Donald will be gone in a couple of years and you will have removed about ten of your own through this stress.


The wall is mostly built, it’s a matter of finishing it. There’s no point having a wall that covers 900 miles and leaves 100 miles open.


You have raised no point other than ‘you can’t debate’. It’s sad you are driven this demented by the POTUS.


You need to stop copying what I write and then writing it down as your own point, mate.

Especially when what I wrote was written with the express purpose of lampooning and ridiculing your inability to debate, as well as the inability to debate of the Nebraska Nazi from Galway.


Is the border not more like 1,900 miles long?


1900 and 650 of wall built


Funny you say wall, because that implies that precisely 0 miles are walled.



Oh yay, we’re doing this again


Are you able to write anything of note without referring to Nazis, fascists, losing your mind at DT? It’s tedious mate, you’re tedious.


I generally only refer to Nazis when referring to actual Nazis or people who openly court support from or praise or defend Nazis, like Mr. Trump and his supporters.

If Mr. Trump’s supporters didn’t defend Nazis, they wouldn’t get branded as such.

Of course that won’t stop them branding others who they feel deeply threatened by for no reason, such as feminists, as Nazis or fascists.

And I’ve never, ever heard you cpmplaining about feminists or anybody you don’t like being branded as a Nazi or a fascist.

Strange that. It’s almost like you agree with non-Nazis being branded as Nazis or fascists for cynical reasons. :grin:


I sense another sabbatical for a recently returned poster is imminent. The head is about to explode from writing the same shite that drove him away


You’re another poster who seems strangely insecure in their opinions.

That’s ironic for somebody who likes to try and project such an air of confidence.

And imagined victimhood.


Yes, I was speaking figuratively regarding 900/100 miles. Much of the border region is impassable or extremely difficult to cross.

Think about the question another way, why does it make sense to have a barrier and security along almost the entire California and Arizona borders and not in other areas that are easy to cross? The fact that’s it’s a secure fence rather than a “wall” is purely semantics.

Again, the question is simply do you want a secure border, or as secure as you can make it, or do you want open borders.


Maybe they should have a look at a backstop