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The White House’s response to the below was to say that a woman of colour had “sheer ignorance” on the issue of racism.

Ocasio-Cortez’s point is proved.

You couldn’t make it up, as they say #4737493.


The Communists loved building walls too. Amazing that the Trumpbots want to actually copy the Communists.

It’s like history is playing a particularly unfunny joke on itself.


It’s certainly not racist. It is too broad if anything, the US made a big mistake in the 1960s in deciding to split Visas up across the globe more equitably.


Perhaps but the way he attempted to push it through last night was utterly disgusting.


Why is building a wall to protect a countries border such a big deal? Isn’t that what humans have done since the dawn of time to protect themselves?


If they do it properly it could become a tourist attraction. I wonder if you’ll be able to see it from space.


Exactly. This is Trumps plan, build a wall, turn it into a tourist attraction, create jobs and money. The man is a genius.


There’s no big deal really apart from arguments about the cost and effectiveness of it (which are reasonable). In principle nobody should have an issue with it, once again the left and their fluffer above focus on the wrong things (“that’s what the communists did, aren’t you supposed to hate communists!”).


If Trump can get an old genoicide going like a proper communist, the fluffer might even start to like him.


It’s a good thing that there’s no wall around socialist Venezuela or greater numbers would be starving in streets rather than legging it into neighbouring countries like now.


You can only laugh at the self-proclaimed “libertarians” here who support building a wall.

What was that hilarious insult they had that? “Libtards”, or something, wasn’t it?

Tut tut.


“Unfortunate misstatement”.

Yeah, as opposed to Nazi-esque propaganda intended to stir up mass racism.


Is this the wall that Donald said Mexico would pay for? Why does he want $5 billion dollars of US money for it?


2 billion for Donald, 2 billion for the contractor and a billion for the Mexicans to build it


“If there’s a concrete wall in front of you, go through it, go over it, go around it. But get to the other side of that wall.” :laughing:


The Daily Caller is run by white supremacist and misogynist Tucker Carlson, who I believe @Tim_Riggins is a big fan of.

AOC has the neanderthals badly rattled.


Wow. Spooky. The con man’s name is Trump, and he gets arrested at the end.


It would be spooky if he could walk through the wall


Be great if he got stuck inside it.


CNN contacted a local San Diego TV Station asking for an opinion piece on the border barrier/wall debate. The response wasn’t what they wanted, so they refused to air the piece. Honest and ethical reporting from the MSM :clap::clap: