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The FBI only opened an investigation into whether Trump was a Russian agent in May 2017?! :grin:

What the fuck were they doing up to that?


When Tucker Carlson is spreading fake revenge porn about AOC, it’s obvious she has the Rapeublicans RATTLED to their core.


Hiding in plain sight

Be even more interesting to know what himself and Putin talked about when there was no interpreter present.


The rich liberals in Venice Beach, California who denounce Trump for his immigration policies and favor open borders are outraged that the city is planning to build a homeless shelter near them.

“Let them all in, just keep them away from our neighborhood”.


I see the US senate has voted by minority to approve Trump’s decision to lift sanctions on Oleg Deripaska. This is the same guy, a crony of Putin, who Paul Manafort was secretly giving polling data to so the Republicans could illegally micro-target using social media, which by any standards amounts to collusion and conspiracy.

“Tough on Russia”, or something.

Hiding in plain sight.


Another white, right wing, hate filled nutjob I’m sure…


Well, actually, mate…

Two-Thirds of U.S. Terrorism Tied to Right-Wing Extremists

A lot of political ideologies have dangerous extremists at their fringes. It’s just that yours contains a hell of a lot more than mine.

Not nice to see you jumping to conclusions about the source of crime, by the way. I thought Republicans were all against politicising things - except when they aren’t.




It’s just the way it’s gone now.



Take that you wizened old bag…

you have the option to fly commercial :rofl:


Ah great stuff :rofl:


What a child.

And Trump is desperately immature too.


You think it was mature to cancel a long standing tradition of the President of the USA holding a state of the Union address? On the excuse that congress couldn’t guarantee security? The most powerful country in the world can’t secure it’s own capitol building? I’ve flown a few times this week, there is no change whatsoever in terms of security at airports. The government can keep airports secure but can’t secure the capitol building?

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.


Individual 1 can always send in his “speech” by letter, or, more likely, post it note.

State of the Union addresses were delivered in such a way until 1913.

Pelosi is making Individual 1 look like an idiot.


Yes, but it’s 2019 not 1913. Although I understand you pining after the decade of the glorious Marxist revolution.

Pelosi is a clown on this one, your heroes at CNN agree by the way.


I’m not a Marxist, and unlike you, I don’t support a political campaign which specifically wants to go back in time to an unspecified era in the past, which I’d guess would be around about 1913.

Trump is squarely responsible for the government shutdown, by his own admission. If he loses the biggest TV speaking opportunity of the year, it’s nobody’s fault but his own. He can shriek away all he wants on his little toy.




Ruh roh


BuzzFeed :joy: Is there no biased liberal media outlet you don’t lap up?

Let’s wait and see if this story can be collaborated by a somewhat reputable source, even CNN would do.
If it’s true he will be impeached.