US Presidential Election 2024 - here come the assassins

They need to get Biden on the real juice, the shit Pepe is on that Klopp used give out, and lots of cocaine. He needs to be willing to die on that stage in September in order to put on the show that it will take to make them forget the last one.

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I was trying to think of a sports team analogy for the Democrats but there are too many elements to decide on one.

Mayo 2016 - specialists in own goals.

Portugal 2024 - ruined by a selfish old man who won’t get off the stage.

Scotland at all major finals - always find a way to fail.

Holland 1996 - a camp divided with racial undertones always present.

Ireland rugby 2007 - turned up on the big stage completely unprepared.

Derry 2024 - too afraid to get rid of the dinosaur leading them, ended up wanting to lose, got destroyed by the Orange team.


Some of us have highlighted Biden was fucked for years only to be called awkward nazis.

Another long term point proven correct for the awkward squad


Thats it. He’s done.

And he’d know given his many years in the healthcare industry.

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Yeah, I guess you can’t be President if Clooney doesn’t back you.

Didnt know Clooney is a right wing trump supporting nazi like everyone who has mentioned biden is not mentally fit for president has been called for 2 years

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They running out of time to remove the aul codger. Another month and it will be too late. Imagine the cocktail of drugs he’ll be on for the next debate.

If there’s zero chance of him winning what’s the point of him being put forward by them?

Id often wonder is there something extremely bad coming down the line that absolutely nobody wants to touch the job with a barge pole.

An inanimate carbon rod could be an option for the Democrats. Far superior option to Trump anyway.


Are you honestly saying if someone said joe biden was going a bit senile 6 months ago they’d be called a nazi?



He looks like a fella who’s just hopped over the wall after having a shite in the trees. Then he offers you a handshake.


What could that be? I think it’s just a case of nobody being able for the scrutiny that comes with even being a candidate, plus there also seems to be a serious lack of good candidates.

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Macron calls an election, sunak calls an election…if you’re not a conspiracy theorist by now then you juat haven’t been paying attention

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Well on tfk anyway

Camela leaking like a pro here

He’ll do well to see out the night in charge

She learnt from the best.