Van the Man, still pisisng people off 50 years later

Hilarious online commentary on the recent Van the Man gig in Dublin.
“The man has no personality, never said “hello, goodbye” or anything”… The man had no personality in 1965, do these fucking clowns think he would get less grumpy at 70. These are the same cunts who think he should talk to them on the street or if they see him in a pub. He’s not fucking Bono you cunt, and you are a fucking nobody.
“Never player any of his hits, finished with a song I never heard and just walked off”… He finished with “In the Garden”, an absolute classic, especially live where he lets the band improvise and show off a bit. Hits? He doesn’t have hits you cunts, go and see Rod Stewart if you want hits.
What the fuck is wrong with people. You’d swear they think he should be paying them to watch them slurping beer at the bar.


Great post.

There was a great bit about how cuntish he was at the first Feile on Will leahy’s recent radio documentary. A right prick.

Glen Hansard talks about first time he met VM.
But of cunt alright.

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Id still give Michelle a jab though.

What Glen doesn’t realize is Van got more out of their jam session than he did, otherwise it wouldn’t have happened.

His version of Caravan with the Band in The Last Waltz is fucking dynamite