Venezuela on the verge of collapse


I see Venezuela which Sinn Féin, Jeremy Corbyn and no doubt the champagne socialists on here support is about to collapse.

Congrats socialists



Nothing to do with the U.S of course.


The US pigs are to blame


Haha brilliant. Another failed socalist commie basket case country goes tit’s up. To think there is a few apes who think the honest working people of Ireland would ever elect the likes of sinn fein / ira into a position of power


What happens when it collapses? Will a big hole open up for it to slide into?


The irish people already have. SF have more than enough seats to form part of a government if they wanted to.


Sinn Fein are also in government in the north of Ireland, voted for by Irish people.


All the US have done here is to encourage fracking which help drive the cost of oil down. The appreciation in the dollar has contributed hugely to the collapse in oil prices as well. Nothing sinister here.

Chavez and his cronies encouraged a system of corruption and built an economy on sand.

This socialist utopia was a joke. The population remain poorly educated and it’s not an economy able to look out for itself. It has one of the highest murder rates in the world with fire infrastructure.

Gerry lauded Hugo Chavez on his death.


This lot are all the same mate. The international socialist agenda all out to help each other, encouraging anti semitism and terrorism


What’s a semite, pal?


They are in power in a children’s daycare democracy in the UNITED KINGDOM.

They enjoy a heavily subsidised state as London are scared they’ll start murdering each other again.

London should cast the north off and it should become an independent entity to stand on its own two feet. Only then will they grow up.


The Queen of England knighted Jimmy Savile, Robert Mugabe and Nicolae Ceausescu amongst others and you have no problem fawning all over her.


That’s lovely, but neither here nor there.


That’s a clamping


The leftie fruitcakes are dangerous cunts, since the start of history their ideology has failed in every country it was ever adopted, look at russia, anyone who disagreed was sen to the gulags and never heard of again, sinn fein/ira made people disappear, same thing, same ideology, same murdering scumbags, Ireland would end up like North Korea if sinn/fein ira were ever let near power


Advocating for the break up of the Union, Tim?

You’re really off message today.


The disunited kingdom is finished according to Tim


@Tim_Riggins wants London to become an independent state.

Which would mean Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister of it, as Labour dominates London.

Tim is a “loony lefty”. :smile:


I think a self serving part of the Union should be cut off. The north is a region which takes and takes these days. That’s not a Union. It is a daycare democracy, designed so people won’t blow the heads off one another. London has given them some power now on CT to try and get them off the drip but it won’t work. SF & the DUP have no interest in proper governance.


Northern Ireland should be nuked