Venezuela on the verge of collapse


I find fellas who go out of there way to take photos of Tayto park insane, each to their own though.

I’m not going to knock your perfect life.


Adam Curtis’s “The Trap” focusses on the effect of public choice theory when it was applied to public services in the UK.

Instead of an idea of public duty, it promoted the idea of rational individual self-interest for every public sector employee - ie. that they should do things that maximise their own personal advantage.

In practice this would lead to things like devising techniques to massage or falsify statistics for the benefit of individuals.

The overall effect on public services was disastrous.


I do myself,

Ah, the fact that ASR and the Comp wouldnt let me in suited me in the end.

Its a pity the latter are such Jesuit cunts.


another massive success story here, but sure look, they have free healthcare


Haha, hilarious to see all this moaning about Reagan and Thatcher.

Nice deflections guys. How many times since they won power have Brits and Americans ran over the border because they were starving?


Maggie Thatcher took kids milk away, it’s just as bad!!!


I think the point the lads are making is that she created a mentality that said it was alright to take a kids milk away.


Two of the richest countries in the world are hardly likely to have this problem.

Do you think child poverty levels are at an acceptable level in the USA and UK?


A quarter of all childer in the US of A live below the poverty threshold… capitalism indeed.


Karl Marx saw lots of positive things in Capitalism, in terms of advancing industry etc. but he wanted something else.


It will be interesting to see how far Macron goes or is allowed to on his labour reform.


Four legs good, two legs better!!


Ya, its that simple :hushed:


I love it if we could send all these radical lefty wasters who hate freedom so much out to some shithole like North Korea and let them see how they get on with free speech and human rights


Capitalism evolved out of socialism in the technological changes of the world and is simply socialism + greed. That has mushroomed into a small % of the world fooling the rest of the world into going to military type education to prepare for elitism of university to help support the greed of the rich.


Why are they the richest nations on earth pal?

Why are Venezuelans running to Brazil for food?


Because they killed, robbed and exploited all around them for years until they reached a position of preeminence, obviously. What a dumb question.


yo have to laugh at the pretend “lefty’s” sitting there at computer with high speed broadband, supping a latte with their avocado on toast, before heading to fuck around in a gym for half the day, sitting there pontificating about how capitalism has failed, you couldn’t actually make it up at this stage



Ah here, I have read that three times and I’m still scratching my head. Makes no sense and it did not have the desired effect of making you sound insightful and smart which i assume you were striving for. Work on your critical thinking bud. FAIL.



The lefties won in Venezuala, they got their natural resources. They have people fleeing over the border.

The Soviet Union raped and plundered. They failed. Shit point. Britain has no empire now, it is still one of the most advanced economies in the world.

Why did Ireland go from the poor man of Europe, where the population was falling and there wasn’t a motorway in sight, to one of the best performing?