Venezuela on the verge of collapse


the left

why was @glasagusban allowed to make a fool of himself that night?


Ah stop Sid. I’ve seen first hand the “success” of communism/socialism in Eastern Europe over a number of years or rather the aftermath. Centrally planned economies producing poor quality goods. Poor living standards, corruption everywhere, even today doctors are still being bribed FFS. Sullen people conditioned not to challenge authority.

The Eastern Europeans were pretty quick to overthrow their communist overlords when there was a bit of momentum. So maybe they knew something that the theoretical marxists in the West didn’t. And pretty quick to embrace the free market instead. It was a pity that the commy appartchiks managed to divvy up the best State assets and sell them to the evil Western capitalists. They didn’t pass on the benefits to the proletariat however but they kept them for themselves.

i’ve also seen the other extreme of post communism and the development of a rampant consumer society with no values. But that’s another story.


Why do you think Tim? I’ll give you a hint, their armies might have something to do with it.

Instead of throwing out infantile nonsense like this, can you answer the question I posed?


Education as we know it is born out of military ideas.

University was and continues to be used to produce people for industry, driven and controlled by big industry. Some of thats good, sone not.

But it all helps a small group own the world.


Attraction to greed and power is human nature kid. We can’t help ourselves.


Kilkenny hurling panel. The power of the collective


Again, and as @balbec has so eloquently put it above, the Soviet Union controlled huge portions of land and resources with their army. They crumbled. Why? Because their centrally planned economy was a shit show. Empires fall when the arse falls out of the economy.

The US and U.K. wouldnt survive without proper functioning economies.


But that is failed socialiam. Communism is a transfer from socialism to somethi g else. Something that is too against Human nature. It failed. But it failed because it was not socialism


You are still not answering my question.


That’s exactly what they did in Venezuala which you were defending above.


You cannot claim that armies are why their economies are advanced. It’s not the reason Ireland’s is either.


Ah Tim, you’re muddying the waters here. This is what I asked you…

Do you think child poverty levels are at an acceptable level in the USA and UK?


Winning the Eurovision gave us confidence in the 90s


it was Fianna Fail’s vision and the Eurovision which put us on the road to success


The Soviets had a big army as well.


Poverty is relative. There aren’t people starving for food.

This is a pathetic example of claiming that capitalism has failed. People are wealthier than ever.


But not every child has an Xbox, Tim. How is that fair?


Gary MacKay stated the whole thing.


A huge amount of child poverty in advanced countries in down to bad parenting .


You seem to have some chip on your shoulder that you didn’t go to university. Universities have been at the centre of almost all big social movements of the last century.