Venezuela on the verge of collapse


Tell that to the people queuing up at food banks and soup kitchens

I’ve never said capitalism has failed, you must be mistaking me with someone else. I’m merely showing that the USA and UK are not exactly capitalist utopias and that the wealth of these countries has, by and large, got a lot to do with exploiting other nations.

Some people are, some people in the UK and USA are poorer than ever also.


You get a worse class of parent over in the UK alright.


Capitalism thrives on exploitation and poverty.


What’s gas is that the biggest benefactor of state aid in the US is big business - they derail programmes that would benefit society and call them socialism but they then swoop in and grab as much money as they can.

Capitalism - keeping cunts down at every opportunity :clap:


[quote=“ChocolateMice, post:384, topic:22300”]
the biggest benefactor of state aid in the US is big business

Is one the major tenets of capitalism not the invisible hand balancing things out. So this state aid to big business runs counter to what a truly capitalist system should be. Iceland letting the banks fail was a capitalist move was it not. And us saving the banks a fucked up form of socialism.


Exactly- It’s a fucking con - Capitalism as we know and experience every day is about corruption and exploitation


Agree 100% capitalist economies have been screwed over by a few cunts manipulating the system for their own gain. The problem with a socialist economy is that it just doesn’t work. And it leads to authoritarian rule any time it’s been tried. A well regulated capitalist economy with investment in social programs is the ideal. The world is full of cunts though so its hard to keep people honest.


the whole premise of these lefty waster’s argument is that they are somehow morally superior, pack of wankers who wouldn’t work to warm themselves


People are not fleeing Britain to be fed. There isn’t anorchy in the streets.

You haven’t shown that the reason the UK and US are wealthy is down to exploitation. You said that it was their armies that is why they have wealth, well then why did the Soviet Union fail? They had a great big army and lots of natural resources, but it ate itself. The UK and US are relatively wealthy nations because of their democracy and mostly pro capitalist traits. Nations and empires rise and fall, and it’s the economy that causes that. Britain nearly fell off a ledge in the 1970s- due to an economy not fit to provide the British people what they needed. Recession, inflation, industrial unrest and the IMF.

It wasn’t an army that made Ireland quite a wealthy nation, but our more or less open economy. We have one of the most progressive tax systems in the world. We tax more of our wealth than the OECD average. What’s funny is though that yourself and all the other lefties love to have a cry at the likes of the US (see above). You’ll bang on about these evil corporations, but seemingly are desperate for Ireland to take that 13 billion from Apple and to spend spend and spend in Ireland. These so called principled people fall over when there is a chance to get their paws on more money. As with Chavez and Maduro- it’s all about getting your piece and hiding behind flowery language like equality.




You are shooting off on wild tangents again Tim.

I merely asked you were you comfortable with child poverty levels in the UK and the USA. You still have not answered that question.

Instead you are maundering about the virtues of capitalism in these countries without addressing my question.


I told you, “poverty” is relative.

Proper poverty isn’t in this country or there.

You’ve made two points, the child poverty rate which I’ve dispatched and also claiming that nations like the UK and US are just wealthy because of exploitation.


Relative to what? Why has Finland got less than 5% of children in poverty while the figure is almost 25% in the USA. This tells me that the USA is not the shining example of capitalism that you extol.

There’s no proper poverty in the USA? Are you for real?

You haven’t

Their armies and aggressive conquests of other lands, and subsequent exploitation, are the cornerstones of their wealth. Are you really denying this?


Yes, Tim. A by-product of unsolicited extreme capitalism.


In America - the wealthiest nation on earth (apparently) and capitalist mecca - 45 million, or 14.5% of all Americans, live on less than $11,490 for a person and $23,550 for a family of four.


Thats funny seeing as i have gone to university. And i will go again

And you are reduced to making wild assumptions and are not able to discuss the actual points, as usual.

I think some uni’s are great. That does not change the point though


Whats proper “proverty”?


Theres different ways of measuring poverty. Relative poverty is used here in ireland where not having a good winter coat, not having a roast every Sunday, or not paying a bill more than once a year can have you classified as living i poverty. On the other hand you have extreme poverty which measure if people can feed themselves have shelter etc.


What was you point! You said education as we know it helps a small group own the world. I would argue that its not education but cronyism and poor laws that allow this. Eduction is one of the ways you can empower people to try change this. Supporters of the Bernie Sanders and the Corbyns of the world are young educated people.


It’s actually stunning that you are advocating for socialism, given that you are the finest example of capitalism in action on the site. Almost as stunning as you accusing others of wild accusations.
“Capitalism evolved for socialism”. Where the fuck did you learn that? Capitalism dates from biblical times, the Romans were quite excellent at capitalism 2000 years ago, while most of the rest of Europe were living in mud huts. Socialism dates from the early 19th century, inspired by the French revolution, and the ideas of Marx/Engels (Communist Manifesto, 1848) would be the basis for what we call socialism today.
Stick to arguing over football bets that never happen.