Venezuela on the verge of collapse


But many don’t tolerate alternative viiews for all their education.


Rome thrived on the exploits of slaves, mate… It was sacked numerous times by socialist tribes such as the Celts and Huns.


I would argue poverty in Western World is largely by choice.




What is capitalist about me?

Because i work for myself?

Thats called independance you fuckwit.

They have wonderful communities within certain areas of China and more spread in Japan where nearly everyone works for themselves. Its dying in China in parts due to capitalism. Its tearing apart a perfectly good way of life where people were significantly happier and more content and had more free time etc than Westerners.

Westerners push capitalism to rid themselces of guilt. They know deep down they are stealing. So they want to find a way of living with that.


And trump supporters do?


Barbarians and vandals mate, but I agree they would have a lot in common with modern day socialists.


Just like the slave owners have plenty in common with capitalists.


Misty eyed twaddle.

Compare China under Mao with China today to see the difference between a socialist and capitalist economy. If tens of millions starving to death is your idea of happiness, then fair enough. We’re not talking about @Matty_Hislop style poverty here where some lad can’t afford the latest designer pair of tackies this week because he spent his dole money on beer.

Independence is the central tenet of capitalism. It allows anyone with an ounce of ambition and a work ethic to make something of themselves. You’re a capitalist mate, embrace it.


Tackies :clap:


I’m not. I do not exploit anyone.

Hence i am not a capitalist.

Is the name not a give away?


Cut your rates by 20% so.




Not to exploit your customers.


But i’m not. The prices reflect my education, experience and commitment.

Loyalty and repeat business gets discounts.

I give my time and knowledge to those who have less or have struggles. More valuable than anything. No charge.


Capitalism: a political and economic system where trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

Does the state dictate what you charge for your services? Do you run your business as a charity or are you interested in profit? If you are providing a service or selling a product and interested in making a profit, you are a capitalist.


Fair play Kev. You do your own thing and you don’t sit back with your paw out waiting for the State to look after you. That’s enterprise if you prefer that word to socialism. You are entitled to a fair price for your expertise.


I do not have the time to explain my position fully, its nuanced, but it is more socialist than capitalist for sure.
I have no problem with anyone making money, and plenty of it. But i feel they then do have a responsibility to the greater public. I believe punishments for stealing from the people should be as bad as many other crimes.

The reality for instance here in Ballincollig is the town, at least these trying to do business, are in the grip of a dictatorship of sorts where 2 Developers of note, both in with NAMA, are driving up the cost of rent etc and leaving oremesis empty rather than rent them out. Yet they owe the people millions. They should be forced to accept going rates. As of now Ballincollig is at Dublin rates of commercial rent.

Thats capitalism. Thats stealing. Stealing from the people. These guys put under small business after small business, cost people their homes and marraiges and even could be connected to suicides. Yet they can charge what they want while in NAMA.

Its a joke. Small business is what keeps towns going. Ya big business helps and has its place. But nobody should be able to dictate the way these cunts do.


I agree with you. But in a perfect capitalist system those cunts would have been allowed to go bust.


Nama is a product of socialist interference