Venezuela on the verge of collapse


Well done to Sinn Fein who were over in Venezuela at the weekend doing a super job as independant observers during the election.


I think SF have skilfully played the capitalist system in the USA and have cheered on Marxism in Venezuela . Some balancing act but they know where their bread is buttered .


:rollseyes: there really is no point trying to engage with you as if you had even a lick of intelligence, is there?




The above isnt what I believe to be the case, but there’s some truth to it.

Chavez did reduce poverty to a certain extent up until 2013 before he passed away.

Low oil price coardination has decimated that country more than just socialism really.




There’s some truth to what he’s saying though Tim.

Our system isnt perfect either.


It’s a tricky one. The poor ( darker skinned indigenous people ) population were screwed over by the elites ( light skinned ancestors of colonial rulers ) for generations. Through grass roots organisation the people took their country back and raised a huge proportion of the population of of absolute poverty. The elites didn’t like losing their share of the pie and have been trying to undermine and overthrow the government since Chavez gained power. Sadly maduro has been utterly incompetent and played in to their hands through his own greed and dictatorial tendencies. The USA are obviously on the side of the elites and been giving a helping hand in the form of sanctions against the current regime. All in all its a clusterfuck and you’d have to think civil war is on the cards.


He’s clearly a professional crank.

Occupy Wall Street
Press TV
Pro Venezuala

Living in his studio apartment in New York City. :joy:

When we have people legging it over the border and killing pets to feed themselves come back and talk to me.


it always someone elses fault with these socialist loving pricks, I see comrade corbyn isn’t saying much about the state of his favourite communist state


comrade glasagusban wants free grub for everyone, no one is allowed to make money :joy:


The SIPTU representative who went to Venezula staunchly defended the election on Morning Ireland. Said there were no signs of fraud or people voting under duress.


If such a large majority of the population were opposed to changes why did the opposition decide to boycott the vote! Surely they should have sought to defeat the motion at the polls. That report on the journal seems to say only government workers turned up to vote for fear of losing their jobs and the government are lying about the turnout.


Ya my reading of it is that there wasn’t voter fraud at the polls as only people who supported Maduro voted, but rather the Government just inflated the turnout numbers to make it seem like he had a bigger mandate from the people. I suppose the opposition didn’t want to legitimatise the vote by taking part, but as you said they’ve left it wide open for him to just claim victory.
Seems like a civil war is on the way sadly unless he can be made to back down.


How long before a US invasion?


Its always someone elses fault usually the US that socialist leaders become murdering dictators, always


The US know better than that. They wouldn’t take on anyone in South America as they’d come from far and wide to oppose them. Now “secretly” arming the right wing side while accepting payments in drug money, that’s much more like it.


You forget who’s president.

And they did it in Chile, Grenada and Panama in the not too distant past.


And it’s usually the US fault when capitalist leaders become murdering dictators. See Noriega, Pinochet etc etc. and that’s just in South America alone


Isn’t @labane1917 always banging on about what the Brits did in Ireland?

Does he ever ask himself why it’s always the Brits’ fault?

Yet you apparently can’t do the same about the US.