Venezuela on the verge of collapse


Any day now. Nice deflection for the Donald and Venezuelan girls are sssdoooo hot!!!


The great Tim Vickery has a lovely line he often uses.

“Venezuela has traditionally been a land of baseball and beauty contests.”


Tim was on with Sean O’Rourke and The Dunph this morning discussing Neymar.


[quote=“Sidney, post:520, topic:22300, full:true”]Isn’t @labane1917 always banging on about what the Brits did in Ireland?

Yes, because 800 years of occupation, the genocide conducted in the 19th century, and ignoring the democratic wishes of the Irish people in 1918 are exactly equivalent to the US interventions in Grenada and Panama, both of which lasted two months, to restore democracy. The populations of Grenada and Panama welcomed the US interventions, Grenada celebrates the date of the invasion as their Thanksgiving Day.

Your game has seriously slipped in recent times, perhaps time for a new alias?


The US invaded Panama to restore democracy. Of course they were overthrowing a dictator they had happily propped up prior to that for years and ran drug money through for decades, but all that was before it suddenly became very important to them, to restore democracy in Panama. Of course Americas desire to restore democracy had nothing at all to do with anything else, just a sudden flash of inspiration that Panama needed some democracy stat.
Similarly the invasion of Grenada was in no way an opportunistic move, following a coup against a leader the US despised, to establish control of an island they feared that Cuba/the Soviet Union was building an airbase on. Just another random bolt of democracy.


Yes of course, Panama and Grenada would have turned out wonderfully if they headed down the socialist route like Cuba and Venezuela. Why is it Grenada celebrate the US invasion as a national holiday? Have you ever been to Panama?, beautiful country with a thriving economy.

I’m not so naive as to believe US interventions in central and south America were not self serving. However, it has always been to preserve capitalism as the economic system, which ultimately is the only system that leads to and preserves democracy. Contrast the countries in that hemisphere that have embraced capitalism versus socialism.

Champagne socialists are quite hilarious.


Strange that the people of Panama mark it with a day of mourning isn’t it considering they got so much freedom


Mourning those who died in conflicts is a quite common practice, no? Are those that mourn those who died fighting for the Allies in WWII sad that the Nazis didn’t win?


he’s another one of these experts, that has never actually been there of course


The US has fuck all interest in capitalism or democracy and it has regularly intervened against democracy in South America. The reason Castro ever rose to power in the first place is that the US stooge Batista sold off all the assets in Cuba to US business interests for fuck all and revoked Cubans rights to strike/vote/assemble etc. So Cuba was a failed capitalist country long before it was a failed socialist one and capitalism in Cuba did not bring democracy to the people


I’m no socialist mate, but @labane1917’s Ann and Barry version of history that the US is going around the World as a force for good bombing people into freedom and democracy is the most laughable thing I’ve seen in a long time.


You’d be writing that in German or Russian if it wasn’t for the US mate.


Really? Because the Russians occupied East Germany for 40 odd years and I don’t see them writing in Russian?


[quote=“Julio_Geordio, post:530, topic:22300, full:true”]
The US has fuck all interest in capitalism or democracy…[/quote]

That’s just nonsensical. The US is the #1 capitalist nation on the planet, the whole purpose of capitalism is to eliminate scarcity and lift people out of poverty, something that has been done historically in the entire western world. The occasions where the US has intervened historically in central and south America is when countries are heading down the socialism or communism route, with the inevitable consequences. Capitalism is the only economic system that has a track record of leading to or preserving democracy.

The rise of corporatism and the inevitable inequality it leads to is an entirely different discussion, and one where I think we would have little disagreement.


For guys who like to claim stuff like “X country was a peverted form of socialism, not the real deal!”, claiming cherry picking of assets for mates was capitalism. :laughing:

Every country that has tried socialism properly has failed. The only one close to succeeding which was quasi socialist at best is France. Anyone who claims the Nordic model is socialist doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

It amazes me that the self loathing westerners don’t just fuck off to these socialist paradises.

The continued desperation to blame the US is fucking gas. Corbyn and the likes are too cowardly now to address it after years of telling krusties how great it was.


Oooft, the chef has no answer to that.


Oh look who’s here, the site’s preeminent champagne socialist, agonizing about the plight of the downtrodden proletariat from his leafy D4 suburb.


I’ve got a caring heart mate, I can’t help that.


It’s truly amazing how you bang on about the Brits in Ireland and yet think what the Yanks did and continue to do in Latin America was great.

You talk about 800 years of occupation and the democratic wishes of the Irish people, yet you conveniently overlook the fact that in every election on this island prior to 1918 the voters voted for parties which wanted to remain part of the United Kingdom.

Presumably you feel the same way about the British Empire’s influence on the rest of the world as you do about its influence in Ireland?

Strangely enough, I haven’t ever heard you express such views before, perhaps because you think they might be construed as anti-imperialist, a concept you appear to struggle with given that you now live in a country which has been the greatest imperialist force of the second half of the 20th century and the 21st century.


Why can’t the Venezuelans be more like the Saudis.