Venezuela on the verge of collapse


If the US were imperialist it would be occupying at least half the globe, would have stayed and occupied Western Europe and Japan after WWII instead of leaving and contributing massive investment to rebuild both.

What countries does this imperialist US occupy?
You truly are a dimwit.


Modern imperialist’s don’t occupy, they influence.


For those blaming the price of oil on Venezuela’s demise, the pertinent question is why has it not destroyed the economies of other oil dependent nations, Norway for example? The answer is the oil industry has been destroyed in Venezuela by idiots.


What’s wrong with a bit of influence?


How come Cuba has defied the USA but Venezuela is a basket case because of USA.


Nothing. It works.


How many countries around the world has the US invaded since World War II, mate?

You do understand also that imperialism doesn’t just comprise invading with an army, yes, but can take other more insidious forms?

But let’s just stick to the conventional invading with an army for the moment so as to make this easy for you.


I see you’ve conveniently ignored the role of the US in defeating the Nazis and Inperialist Japan and rebuilding Europe and Japan after the war. Doesn’t fit your hate for the US narrative.

By and large the conflicts the US has been involved since WWII were resisting communist take over in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and central and South America. In your socialist utopian worldview these would all be communist states and the world would be a much better place.

I agree interventions in the Middle East have been disastrous, but Europe is hardly an innocent bystander. Europe is far more dependent on ME oil and gas than the US, it’s entire economy would collapse if supply was interrupted.


Sadly mate you’re wrong there,

In WWII, the US backed both sides -


Deary me. You’re trying to invoke World War II to try and make out the US is not imperialist?

Britain fought the Nazis too. Were the British imperialist?

And the Soviet Union did more to fight and defeat the Nazis than anybody.

So they were imperialist, thanks.

Yes, they have been disastrous. And they wouldn’t have happened only for the US.


Corbyn is a joke.


One for @Tim_Riggins to ponder.


Have the BBC explicitly blamed socialism for Venezuela’s problems ?


A pogromming


Christ, the left are so delusional.

As a matter of fact, when the auto industry started to go south in Detroit, what did the city do? They increased spending. They gifted workers with generous retirement and health benefits. They increased taxes. Federal aid programmes became a web of regulations and nothing could get done. Tax revenue fled the city and left a huge government budget there to rack up debt. They eventually went into bankruptcy.

Even still comparisons between Detroit and Venezuela are ludicrous.


Here’s a great NPR (yes that’s right, notoriously right leaning NPR) on the decline of the automotive industry and how the Unions helped accelerate that decline. Management of course played a huge role, a failure to react to the market and a failure to innovate. But that’s capitalism.


And then they received an $80bn taxpayer bailout, but then that’s capitalism. Oh wait.


Where did I say that it was?

You’re getting confused again.


Just pointing out more hypocrisy from the worlds shining example of capitalist policy mate but you carry on.


I don’t see the hypocrisy.

Nobody claimed the US was a perfect capitalist society.

What the photo above suggested was a failure of capitalism in the US and Detroit specifically. It ignores the huge government subventions going into that local economy heloed drag it down.