Venezuela on the verge of collapse


Have you given Maduro credit for promoting 800 military officers to the rank of General or Admiral? Buying off the military is the mark of a true man of the people.




What’s that got to do with Maduro?



These people are avowed socialists . They will blame anyone bar Maduro , Chavez etc. Venezuela has failed and the left is blaming all and sundry bar the government .

Read Animal Farm .


Skwawkbox :joy: :joy: :joy:

Fucksake mate, it’s a guy in his basement in Liverpool that even Corbyn’s supporters have run away from, given the extent of his fake news. Really sums up your cluelessness if you’re quoting these wankers.


Amazing how some people fall over themselves to discredit mainstream media outlets yet believe them unthinkingly when it suits their agenda.


It doesn’t matter the vehicle, the source is the story.


The source is a nutcase, likely suffering from PTSD from his time in Iraq.

He belongs to the PSL, a Marxist-Leninist party that believes the Russian revolution was the greatest thing that happened in history, closely followed by the Chinese Revolution. If these lads were in power you would be paid 10 euro an hour for your services and not allowed to work more than 30 hours a week. Luckily for all of us they have about 0.05% support of the electorate, mostly in California which has a disproportionate amount of the country’s fruitcakes.

You’re in grave danger of becoming a champagne socialist Kev.


Whereabouts do you live Chef?


If it wasn’t for the Russian revolution you’d be speaking German


I have previously admitted to being surrounded on all sides by fruitcakes, mate.


Are you back in Galway?


Galway is an oasis of sanity compared to where I am, mate.


I wonder what Jeremy Corbyn and his lickspittle supporters on this site think of their heroes now? 25 years for protesting against the government. A lovely bunch of lads entirely.


How many more officers were promoted to the rank of general this month?


Why do you give a shit?


I care deeply about the people of Venezuela.


There’s fault on both sides apparently.

Yet to see indignation directed at Corbyn for stating that relative to a certain someone.


Why do you care about a hurling match after whining about the GAA for years?