Venezuela on the verge of collapse


That’s the only reason I internet full stop.


What’s the problem then Glas? America is it?


Socialism is the problem
Capitalism is the problem


Dickheads on all sides are the problem.


Corruption mainly I’d say, along with some other factors.


The Americans certainly don’t help anyway mate.


You’d say? What are the other factors?

Can you flesh out posts?


One of the other factors, obviously.


This South American thing of every time a new government gets into power you fire everyone who supported the last crowd and possibly lock them up and torture them might be a problem.


Norway actually produce other stuff. They also didn’t just spend the the wealth away. Venezuela has pissed their natural wealth up a wall on public spending, fuel subsidies, a low tax base and continued labour market intervention which makes the private sector flee.

The funny thing about the cheerleaders of Venezuela is that they’ll be the first to moan about Global Warming, meanwhile an entire nation was built on current day spending of fossil fuel wealth.

Given the type of oil they had as well, Venezuela required huge outside foreign investors to give the capital to make it useful. They then fucked over those foreign investors when they got greedy (and FYI; those foreign investors would be the type of companies that everyday pension funds the world over invest in).

It is a self imposed policy that has led to Venezuela having millions fleeing its borders in starvation.

Their rash, spend today policies are also damaging countries like Haiti. Chávez was absolutely desperate to be seen as the good guy (and he’s got a lovely big Park by the airport named after him) so wrote off millions and gave them subsidized oil. They never bothered to check if this was really filtering down to the population there. They never put in checks like forcing some of the $ savings to be spend on renewable energies or even a basic electricity grid there so that the locals aren’t relying on oil for everything. A lot of that money was pissed away by corrupt leaders there. Now Haiti is feeling the burn of the subsidy programs ending and failing to invest in the future. Their currency is also tanking and they can’t feed their population. That is first and foremost the problem of Haiti’s governance, but the irresponsible handouts contributed to this. That was based on populism and not long term strategic thinking.


Venezuela fired all of the workers in their state oil company to replace them with party loyalists. They also, as mentioned, fucked over the outside private investors. Insanity but cheerleaded by outsiders.


Do you have any data to back up this assertion?


Which one? You’ve quoted two posts?


No I extracted one paragraph from your post and quoted it again.


Once oil gets found in a country do you think there’s any type of nationalisation that could bring benefits to a country?

Presumably the Norwegian state oil agency, Statoil, had a role in finding the Norwegian reserves in the first place?

Am I right in thinking that if Ireland found oil reserves your plan would be to keep it the private Shell hands but just introduce a special oil tax and tax to high heaven like the Alaskan system?

How then would Ireland use its oil to exert geo-political pressure on the UK, USA, Russia, whoever? We’d need a trade agreement that we would always be threatening to rip-up? But the EU would always be trying to use our oil to exert the pressure they want rather than the pressure we want.


He lives a good straw man does Tim.


Is it the one with the two ** beside it?

I’ll give you two names, Jeremy Corbyn and Michael D Higgins. Both quick to send their praise on Chavez’s death and both who have pressed their concerns on global warming. I don’t have an issue with pressing concerns about global warming, for example Corbyn has advocated pension funds free off fossil fuel producers. It is hypocritical though to praise a regime which used oil to underpin everything they did at the same time. The reason for the latter though of course was really that Chávez stood up to the US which is loved by the champagne socialists in the West.


You love not being able to make any point whatsoever.


We’ve been over this, i don’t think your posts are worth engaging with in any depth.


You don’t engage in any posts, just “ask questions” and throw out smug one liners.


That’s all that’s needed to show up your shite talk.