Venezuela on the verge of collapse


What do you mean “Even Fagan”. I am one of the fairest and most open minded posters here.


Native Americans? The Japanese? Which are you talking about?

In terms of the New Deal, it’s impact on the US is actually heavily contested.


Countless millions of people died in both countries due to starvation brought about by the economic failures of communism you clown. As Tim said read a book, it’s a waste of time trying to educate you otherwise.


Everything in history is heavily contested.


Because you are both of the same brigade, but at least you admit that the economic policies of Communism did have a cost.

Glas is a simpleton who thinks things happen in a vacuum.


The Americans wiped out an entire race to pursue their capitalist dream.


The point is no one is purely capitalist or communist or socialist. So it’s a completely retarded argument as to which is better. None work in their purest form.


You and labia-head blame all of Russia’s and China’s woes on communism and all of Venezuela’s woes on socialism and then you come out with a line like that :smile:

You can see why it’s not worth engaging with you and your long poorly informed posts.


It’s impact is contested though. What really drove the US back the economy was the war.

I am not saying it wasn’t worth giving a go and didn’t provide some relief.

Same with communism generally, definitely an idea worth exploring.


The Americans are great “pure capitalists” until they need the State to bail them out.


Or the Chinese.


Where did I blame it all on that?

I simply pointed out all of these countries in the world from history where human misery was rife. There was one common denominator.

You stated it was simply despots that caused millions to die. It was the policies of communism.


Whats this?


Haven’t you heard?


Those were Europeans mate, Spaniards mostly.


Privatisation of profits, nationalisation of risk.


Who did the Americans wipe out?


It’s a dullard point because nobody says it is perfectly capitalist.

The United States espouses capitalism, as do many countries worldwide.

They are generally far more stable and prosperous.

The countries with communism or the likes of Venezuela which turned to socialism, not so much.

The best argument in favour of socialist policies has always been Nordic countries. But the left routinely ignore that it is harming the environment (Norway) and free markets that pays for the thing.

People loved to praise Venezuela because it was easy. Easy oil money. Mugging off the US and foreign oil companies, easy to get behind. Spend spend spend and no responsibilities.


This old shite again — we know socialism doesnt work … We know unregulated capitalism doesnt work either but we have to put up with it because the US keep murdering and going to war to enforce it on is … is there somewhere in the middle these two systems can meet?


Well the US doesn’t have it, as pointed out.