Venezuela on the verge of collapse


So capitalism doesn’t work and socialism doesn’t work and the best we can manage is a mix between the two.
Ok, we are all agreed. Next.


Capitalism does work you stupid cunt. Every successful country in the world has embraced capitalism, and those that are the closest to free markets unencumbered by government regulations are the most successful, like Singapore, Switzerland and New Zealand.

Where would you rather live, New Zealand or Venezuela?


Venezuela for me. I hate rubby


The prime minister of New Zealand doesn’t agree


She’s a complete blithering idiot, a female version of glas.


How do you know that?

Calling out the abject failures of communist countries seems to equate to relatively minor issues in the likes of the US apprently. Nobody is starving here, there’s a difference.


In fairness she’s done very well to be elected as prime minister at such a young age.


Who did America wipe out? Ive asked you twice now after you said it, and you consider yourself a balanced poster or some shite


We’re all waiting on that one.


How does capitalism work? By it’s very nature it needs a lot of people to live in misery and then another great chunk to live a few rungs up from misery - to maintain the few… would you fuck right off – by it’s very nature it is oppressive and enslaving. You cunt of a man.


No it doesn’t.

Relative poverty disguised as “poverty” is one of the great inventions of the left.


Ah stop - capitalism only works when a large percentage of the population are exploited - for there to be a few at the top, millions and billions have to work for relatively nothing.


By incentivizing people to get off their arses and do something useful with their lives. Capitalism benefits everyone, even the poor, and gives opportunity to anyone who wants to avail of it. Contrast the poor in Ireland with the poor in your socialist utopia of Venezuela for example. Are there thousands of kids scrounging through rubbish bins on the street of Cork looking for scraps of food?


Are you smoking crack at present?


I’ve already said socialism doesnt work


it’s funny watching these left vs right debates.

Lads think they are on a spectrum when in fact it is a circle.

The closer you get to the far left/far right people are the exact same. Absolute fucking dickheads.


That’s a start. Capitalism does work, again look at countries that are capitalist and those that are not. The poor will always be with us, but the poor are far better off in capitalist countries than any alternative.


Does capitalism work if everyone is rich?


Yes, Switzerland is a good example.


So we all need to switch to the Swiss model and the world will be right? and everyone will be rich?