Venezuela on the verge of collapse




We just have to get our hands on some Nazi gold first


It’s bizarre that everyone has tried to do it yet… what is the swiss model?



Honesty and hard work, and avoiding war.


So every country with lots of poverty or people existing just above the bread line are dishonest, work shy and war lords?


Basically. Irish people for example are notoriously dishonest and the younger generation are work shy.


and the nazi gold


There’s millions of people living in extreme poverty in the US - what’s the story there?


Hard to argue with that.


It’s only a small factor, maybe $4B in a $700B economy.


But that’s only 1 story we know of … if they could take Nazi gold what else might they take?


There simply isn’t. Extreme poverty is unknown in the US.


that’s cos all the extremely poor lads are fucked into jail


39.7 million people live below the poverty line in America – that’ their own figures ---- that’s a family of 4 existing on 24k or under.


18.5 million Americans live on half that — that’s a family of 4 on below 12.5k


Fine Gael.


Are we just throwing out random terms and names here?


UN say otherwise


A lovely marriage of social and capitalist policies.