Venezuela on the verge of collapse


New Zealanders are social democrats, they all despise the American right wing


Not the National Party tbf.




Trying to explain absolute poverty versus relative poverty is very difficult with these people.


They think extreme poverty is having to buy sirloin steak instead of a Filet Mignon.


We’re talking about economic systems though. New Zealand is far closer to a free market economy than the US.


Not every family in the US earns 30k a year. The homeless population of the US is about 500,000, ten years ago it was 1,500,000. If hardwork and honesty are guarantees for success then presumably people just started working harder than 10 years ago. That must be what causes the economic cycle in the first place, people just stop working hard one day.


Extreme poverty, as defined by the World Bank, is living on less than $2 a day, which over 2 billion people do worldwide, and not having access to basic human needs like decent food, clean water, sanitation, shelter and education.

Anyone in the US earning less than about $20K (much more for families) gets roughly $2,400 a year on food stamps. They also get free health care (Medicaid) and low rent housing. Apples and oranges.


This includes people in shelters.

Is it right? Absolutely not. But like the scandal of food banks in the UK, some perspective on poverty is needed.

Millions have fled Venezuela. They cannot feed their population, through emergency measures or charity. That is actual poverty.


By that definition even homeless people in Ireland aren’t poor because they can still beg for more than €2 a day.


Come on Tank ffs.


The most successful economies on the planet are based on hard work and honesty. The Nordic model is often touted as a poster child for socialism, when in reality their success is based on honesty and hard work with very low tolerance for corruption. I’m not making that claim for the US, it’s very much a mixed economy with large sections of the population dependent on welfare.


There is no one in Ireland living in extreme poverty. FFS many “homeless” people have a better standard of living than working class people.


Thanks mate


I don’t know how you do it.


Sure it wouldn’t be possible for a Margeret Cash in Communist China would if?

The policy brought it so they could stop having famines and be able to feed their population.

And to think some posters in here claimed China were about to overtake the US.


You can’t compare some cunts living in a swamp in Africa with people living in the western world. You can throw out as much shite as you but by it’s very definition capitalism needs the majority to slave for the few. You need sweat shops, child labour, cheap Labour working long hours. It needs people to semi slaves…

You talk about incentives to work and do better like people are robots and despite the overwhelming evidence that social and economical disadvantage are cyclical and the chances of escaping your place in society is slim to none . You’re more likely to die younger, get sick, be obese and develop addictions and on and on…

The problem with eulogizing about economic systems and stats and chartflows is that it doesn’t recognize human behaviours, wants or needs… It actually goes against them. That’s why we’re supposed to have politicians to fight for these things. But horrid fucks like you don’t give two fucks once you have your lot, that’s capitalism baby…a system of pure random fortune of where you are born into and sustained by vile, murderous blood sucking cunts.


Who empties the bins and shovels shit in the perfect society?




It’s not the 19th century mate…