Venezuela on the verge of collapse


I never said it was … but you’re talking pure tripe… I’m not advocating any socialist paradise but you refuse to acknowledge that capitalism is built on inequality and keeping the majority at the bottom which in itself carries all kinds of harmful circumstances.


You may have abandoned socialism (which raises the question why you just joined a socialist party), but your knowledge of capitalism as an economic system is deeply flawed. Capitalism encourages invention, innovation, entrepreneurship and risk taking. All of which leads to economic growth, as it rewards people for their efforts and provides incentive which is the only thing humans respond to. Look at the history of the western world, every capitalist country has the same trajectory, better relative standard of living for everyone, more opportunities for anyone who wants to take them, elimination of poverty, etc.

Basically you’re talking through your privileged over educated ass.


Sweep sweep.


Labane is basically the last idealogue left on TFK. He says that is a homeless Irish person begs €3 a day then they aren’t living in extreme poverty.


Capitalism is literally killing the planet and your man is lauding it


Why would anyone be begging for 3 euro a day when our welfare system is so generous? Do you think the state should finance people’s drug habits?



Socialism, yeah!


Sinn Féin has defended its decision to send two party representatives to the inauguration of controversial Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

Mr Maduro is beginning another six-year term in office as the country is plagued by a crippling economic crisis and mass exodus.

Sinn Féin said that Conor Murphy MLA and Dawn Doyle, the party’s general secretary, travelled to Venezuela to attend his inauguration.

The party said that they were invited by the Venezuelan government in Caracas.

However, Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Trade Niall Collins questioned why Sinn Féin attended the inauguration after reports of the leader violating human rights.

Mr Collins said that since Mr Maduro came to power there has been “an increase in human rights violations and a shrinking of civic and political space”.

In a statement, Sinn Féin said its representatives were part of “an international delegation of progressive political forces expressing their solidarity to the people of Venezuela”.

Mr Murphy said that Mr Maduro was “democratically elected” and acknowledged that it was “a particularly difficult and challenging period for the citizens of Venezuela”.

A spokesperson for Sinn Féin said the pair would return home on Sunday.

Violence, hunger, medicine shortages, along with mass inflation has resulted in millions leaving Venezuela, resulting in one of the biggest mass displacements in the history of Latin America.

Mr Maduro, 56, was re-elected in May 2018 in a poll boycotted by the majority of the opposition paired with international scepticism over the vote.

The vote was dismissed by many countries around the world, however the former bus driver said he feels stronger and more legitimate than ever.

The country turned a dismal corner not long after the death of former leader Hugo Chávez in 2013.

It has unravelled from the richest country in Latin America to grappling with a deep economic downturn.

Many blame Mr Maduro for Venezuela’s woes that have left much of the population living in poverty with shortages of basic necessities as a result of mismanagement and corruption.

Venezuelans in Ireland have said that the situation in the Latin American country is dire.

Mr Maduro’s election was labelled as a fraud by the United States and the European Union.

The EU recently reiterated its call for new and “free” elections.


“Democratically elected” :joy: About as democratic as Russia.


You live in a country where the President received a minority of the votes cast.



And where the ruling party has been engaged in widespread systematic attempts to disenfranchise minority voters for decades, as well as to gerrymander electoral districts.


Comparing the US to Venezuela now :joy:

You do realize the US is a federation or union of states? The electoral college system ensures that the voices of all states are heard, at least to some extent. The alternative is all presidential elections would be decided by a few highly populated regions like California and the NE.


That’s self-evident bullshit which is only believed by morons who are attempting to justify, in a Goebbels-esque fashion, a dreadful system which massively favours the party they support.

A system in which each vote in the country counts the exact same cannot by definition be decided by any particular region.


I’m not comparing anything to anything. I’m only pointing out that you live in a country where the President received a minority of the votes cast.


This is a thread to discuss Venezuela. What’s the relevance of the voting system in the US?

As always lefty headbangers hate to see their poster child for Socialism criticized, even though Venezuela has been utterly destroyed economically and socially by these corrupt morons. Only fellow morons like current Sinn Fein members could possibly justify recognizing this shameful government.

But you know, USA, something, something…


Nobody else apart from yourself made any comment on the integrity or otherwise of the Venezuelan election, which you did without any evidence.

The very least one would expect from somebody complaining about the integrity of an electoral system in another country is that they would demand integrity from the electoral system in the country in which they live.

Whereas you actively support anti-democratic distortions of the electoral system in the country in which you live, because they favour the party which you support.

Therefore your bleating is utterly hypocritical, at best.


The lefty headbangers still can’t accept that Hillary was beaten, even though the DNC and Hillary herself are solely to blame for her defeat. The excuse is the electoral college system, even though it’s the same system that elected Obama twice, by huge margins, including winning many of the states that decided the election for Trump.

You simply couldn’t make it up.


And there’s your standard attempt to deflect when you can’t rebut the points.


Ah you could in fairness