Versus Athletico de Merrion, 18/4/07

Big test next week folks seeing that these lads have scored 35 goals in their first 2 games!

I propose no :drink: from Sunday onwards.

I’m starting to think about the game already. Just building positive mental images of the saves I’m going to make etc. It builds up the belief and confidence. hi5

Good early focus Bandage. I came through my warm-up game unscathed and with a clean sheet as a reward for my defensive efforts.

Some of the squad may not realise this but we actually signed Fats from Athletico de Merrion so we should have a great insight into their players.

Mmmmm - dilemna

I was just on to CC and he confirmed my suspicions that we have a work-sub-group-dinner-mother-of-all-piss-ups on Wednesday evening. Many of you have worked in my place of employment before so know what I am talking about

Dinner is booked for 9 bells and I was under the impression that the game was at 7 bells but I see now it is at 8. That means its unlikely that we’ll make it back in. Also the time pre dinner is usualy the best part of these nights

CC has already said ‘I’m playing astro anyway’ but due to my relatively poor performance last week, I am seriously considering going on the beer.

I suppose what I am looking for here is some of the more experienced members to give me advice at this critical stage of my career - Bandage in particular who seems to have turned his career around from the brink of ruin by the demon drink

farmer, the fact that you even think you have a decision to make is extremely discouraging to myself and, dare I say, all the other members of squad. All we want is commitment and effort and you’re having doubts before week 3??? Very disappointing.

You invite guidance from us all and you mention me in particular what with my career going off the rails for a year or two there. I see myself as being a little bit like Gordon D’Arcy - achieved too much, too young and lost the run of myself as a result but have come back much more mature and have become a mainstay of the side often outperforming more heralded players like rocko.

These dinners never start on time and if you turn around quickly after the game you can be there for 9.20pm. That’s surely not too big a sacrifice to make, is it? This is a dinner for a team in work that means nothing to you and you’re considering putting it ahead of a team and jersey that should mean everything to you???

You’re also developing a winning mentality, getting to play in a world class side and improving your fitness levels on a weekly basis. Sure I had an unhealthy lifestyle for a while, stayed up too late, ate the wrong foods and drank a lot and didn’t get enough exercise for a few years.

But after last Wednesday night’s feed of post match pints as I stood in the chipper waiting for my quarter pounder with cheese and curry chips I realised how astro team has helped me turn my life around.

Don’t turn your back on us.

farmer, have you come to a decision?

Due to my ongoing knee problem it’d be good to have you around to provide goalkeeping cover - the Nicky Colgan to my Shay Given as it were.

Speaking of my knee it’s still giving me constant aggrivation. It’s really painful below the kneecap on the left hand side and while the visible bruising’s gone it’s still very sore to touch. I haven’t kicked a ball since last Wednesday (leaving it til as late as possible), however I went to puck the sliothar around earlier and my movement was extremely restricted (not solely because of obesity either). Anyone know anything about knee injuries or good exercises for the joint?

Many lesser keepers would look at the 35 goals scored by Wednesday night’s opposition in their first 2 games and rule themselves out but it’s a sign of my character that I’m determined to play. Were it that everyone was like this, farmer!!!

Jerseys haven’t arrived yet so it might be a last hurrah in the gold and black of South East Fingal before we switch to the green Puma tops.

Shocked to read Farmer’s post above. Think how much prouder you’ll feel when you go into dinner with a victory under the belt. I remember arriving at a work dinner after Celtic beat Barcelona in the Camp Nou in the UEFA Cup. Even though I wasn’t playing I was absoultely elated when we got into the dinner and it made it all the better.

I think I may have to actually work on Wednesday evening now as it is the last week of the particluar job I am on and I have left myself to much to do

I would equate it to putting on an extra striker when you are two down

hmm sounds like a cop out to ensure you get a few pre meal pints in. i think managment needs to lay down a firm marker here, like force him to wear an extra small jersey for the next game.

I think you’re right Jugs. I see this as a challenge to our unity as a team and he who breaks the bond must suffer the consequences.

I stated clearly when astro soccer was being proposed that work committments may limit the number of games I could attend

Management agreed to that

My situation remains the same

I famously used the ‘have to stay and finish something important in work’ line before.

However, I did it to get out of going ice-skating at Christmas with my team in work.

I never contemplated turning my back on football team though.

And I never would.

Terribly disappointing.

It just smacks of moving from one excuse to another that’s all. So far we’ve had:

  1. Work dinner
  2. Didn’t play well last week
  3. Work commitments

Why don’t you tell your manager that you can’t possibly work late because you have a work function to attend and then go and play football.

I appreciate your honesty at the start of your contract when you highlighted possible problems with playing every game but I just hope you’re telling the truth.

What I remember from that incident was that you said you were going ice-skating but vanished when the bus was leaving

I have to work. On Saturday I wasn’t aware that the situation was as critical as it is. I can see why you may think its smacks of inconsistency but it is honestly not the case

farmer, you can’t kid a kidder. You’re convincing yourself you have to work and you might til about 7.50pm. Then you’ll say ‘fook it - I’ve stayed in here long enough’. Then you’ll say what a pity you don’t have enough time to get to football and you’ll be in a pub by 8.20pm. Dessie Dolan Senior wouldn’t stand for this. Or Jerome McWeeney.


I had planned to be gone by 7.30 at the latest

I am not ruling the footy out - I am just saying that I will probably have to work late which I can’t do if I play football

I can’t help but think Farmer has little respect for McWeeney. After all that man did. I googled him there and the only thing that came up was:

“There have been some notable matches in my memory like the one where Eslin’s Jerome McWeeney broke the shoulder of Mohill’s county star George Dugdale in a horror challenge which even I, as an Eslin man, would not condone.” - Farmerinthecity

If 7.30’s your cut off/absolute latest for staying in work then there’s no issue as you can be at football by 7,45.

This, my friends, is a non-story. Perhaps we can play it up in the media over the next few days to unsettle our opponents?

I agree. I just put up a small mention on the front page of the site but I fully expect the issue to be resolved in time for Farmer to tog out for us on Wednesday.

Probably too late to appear in the dailies in the morning but I expect The Times, Indo et al will have it as breaking news on their respective websites in the am.