Versus Bollob

The reserves play the league leaders tomorrow night. We already defeated them 3-0 in an Inter at Barcelona kind of performance earlier in the season but this game will be tough. Rocko and Smelly are both unavailable tomorrow night. Smelly is still a week to ten days from returning from his knee injury while Rocko is ruled out as it’s his wife’s birthday.

Good Lord!


We’re clearly going all out for the win by dropping the ageing Rocko.

Fuck sake - we’ve to go play football in a while. Today’s the kind of lovely sunny evening where you want to sit on the couch and watch football instead of going off and playing it.


TFK 1-6 Others.

Bandage wasn’t a million miles away with his prediction unfortunately.

Disappointing result from the shadow squad., particularly given our hard fought win against them last time. I had hoped to give my knee injury a runout tonight before Thursday’s game but it wasn’t to be. The extra two days’ rest will have me right as rain though.

Sounds as though your leadership, pace and creativity was sadly missed :frowning:

It does indeed.

If it’s any consolation I was on a Skype call to NCC there and he’s given me a few pointers for Thursday on setting ourselves up a bit more robustly.

He was at a World Cup coaching conference yesterday entitled “Space, the Mastery Thereof” and it seems that’s the key to our rejuvenation.

Would I be right in thinking that he was one of the key note speakers at the conference???

Ah yeah, they were a good bit better than us. Pretty shit really. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I witnessed Cesc4’s miss in the last few mins at the town end of the stadium when he expertly rounded the defender but the keeper pulled off a miraculous save. Cesc4 showed true professionalism by hanging around afterwards to sign autographs for fans and let them see a kickaround. He was still there an hour after the final whistle. If only some of his team-mates showed the same determination to improve their own game then maybe they might have won tonight.

It was tough managing tonight in Rocko’s absence. cesc4 always gets in a strop if he’s not let play in the hole.