Versus El Zilcho Allstars - 24/09/07

Big game tonight after the opening night defeat last week.

Personally, I’m finding the transition to Monday night football quite a challenge what with the excesses of the previous weekend lingering in the system.

That was the case for week 1 anyway but my preparation’s been good for tonight. I’m determined to do myself and the team and the forum and the members and the lurkers justice.

Forza freekick.

This is a massive game for us alright but I’ve no doubt we’ll come through it unscathed. It’s a great chance for the team to prove themselves in the absence of fringe players like Tinnion and Farmer.

Fats Jugs Neelo Kylo Ro

It doesn’t get much better than that. El Zilcho won’t know what’s hit them.

Another terribly disappointing result. Lost 2-1 to a team who were a class below us. Things are looking bleak.

I’m also quite badly injured as a result of the match and falling over the kerb walking to the Dart didn’t help. We may be skipperless for a few weeks but that might allow me to concentrate more on management.

As poor a result as I can remember. They were pants. We could’t score in a brothel. We need extensive practice on our one-twoage and something(I’m thinking ketamine) to calm us before we shoot. To think that their ubershit fat keeper can feel free to tell us we’re a bit shit tells its own story. Bring on next week, if the rage of losing doesn’t see me commit some horrible crime between now and then.

And somebody un-Garth Crooks me. It’s annoying the shit out of me.

The only person who can rid you of the Garth Crooks tag is yourself.

Still trying to get over what happened out there this evening.


Bandage - 7.5 no chance with either goal and a couple of good stops. Distribution was also much improved
Rocko - 6.5 clearly suffering from an ankle injury which has gotten the better of him again. Won’t be figuring again in the near future but what a brave, brave man.
Fats - 8 TFK’s star of the show. Committed in the tackle, a good battle with their Farmer-esque centre forward and created the goal from nothing by injecting pace and purpose into a stale team.
Kylo - 6.5 ran his heart out but confessed to management afterwards that he’s given up walking or cycling to work recently. Needs to get his fitness back
Ruaidhr - 7.5 fine performance from the dbutant. Tracked plenty of runs all night and was involved in most of the more purposeful attacks.
Juhniallio - 7 bagged himself a goal but might have had two on a better day. Beaten for their second goal by sheer height and will be cursing he didn’t hang himself from the bannisters more as a kid to get those extra few Farmer inches
Clarkey - 7 let an early runner escape him and was subsequently hooked by management. Looked sharp while he was on the pitch otherwise but his injury is a big blow to the team.
Jugs - 5 these ratings used to be a bit of a piss take last season when Tinnion would always score rock bottom. This mark was merited by Jugs though. Finishing was dreadful, hold up play (which was very good last week in fairness) just didn’t happen. One to forget.

surely my assist for our only goal in 120mins of 6 a side merited a 5.5?

I can confirm that Jugs purchased new astro trainers yesterday having spent most of Monday night lying on the turf. It was surprising that the grip on his footwear constantly let him down seeing as he’d only been wearing them to football twice a week for about 4 years. I’m expecting a huge performance from the ginger striker next week now.