Versus NAMA

A competent, but not thrilling, 10-1 victory for the good guys tonight. Couldn’t be arsed with any NAMA puns.

Goals from:
Cesc4… 6 perhaps
Gar… 1
Monkey Allen… 3

Assists included a few from Rocko.

A stunning return to form from Cesc4 on the day when it was confirmed that Smelly has named his first child after Cesc4. A wonderful tribute from the surly striker.

cesc playing up front or in midfield?

Played in the middle throughout. Fish and Monkey shared the striking duties.

Stevie G got one in the second half after a a good move - so it was cesc4 (5), Monkey (3), Gar (1) and Stevie (1). We always seem to start slowly and take a while to work out the other team. It was still 0-0 halfway through the first half and 3-1 at half time. We scored some good goals in the second half - a few nice moves with excellent killer passes, including one or two by Rocko even, and some excellent individual finishes by Gar, cesc4 and Monkey.

What happened for the conceded goal?

How is Smelly by the way? Did he ever return after that injury? Also, where is Fats? Was he released?

Disappointing that there are so many squad members now that rarely post on the forum. We used to be a bit like Athletic Bilbao in that you had to be a posting member to play, we used to have principles. No more.

Once I get the US franchise up and running I’ll seek to reintroduce these noble principles. If anyone living in the tri-state area is interested in a trial contact me by PM.

They had a bit of play inside our box and some cunt got enough room to fire a shot past me after receiving a lay off. Think he came from deep untracked and none of the lads behind the ball were able to get out in time to put in a block. It came through someone’s legs and didn’t give me much chance but Rocko will perhaps confirm if that’s a fair summation.

Smelly is still out with his knee ligament injury. He has recently become a father.

Fats remains part of the squad but he’s finding it hard to break into the first team. It’s a long season and he’ll definitely get his chance; it’s just a matter of him grasping it with both hands.

That is indeed. They had a kick in so we had time to organise but didn’t. They rolled it around a bit and they had a 3v2 out at the sideline for a while and we never got out. Myself and Stevie (I think) were marking at the centre and back post and Jugs and Cesc4 I think were out wide at the throw-in. Monkey was on a sofa somewhere up near halfway. They eventually worked their overlap and fed it inside. I came out to make the block but it actually brushed my ankle on the way past, not through my legs but diverted it a bit to the corner.


Jugs 25% (new diet)
Monkey 50% (only 50% because I felt bad when I had to say it to him afterwards and he looked hurt)
Rocko 15% (it took a slight nick).
Bandage 5%
Conditions 5%

I thought I was going to save it but the little deflection took it beyond me. :guns:

Rocko, thats unfair. I was marking up for their kick in and I did such a good job that the lad i was marking decided to stay between the sticks and not look for the pass.

I’ll accept the blame alright. I should have known that with Farmer missing, 5 lads wasn’t enough to defend a kick-in and we needed all 6 back.

Sounds like Rocko alright, Monkey. Send me a PM if you need any tips on how to handle him.

Consider yourself dropped monkey. Utter prick. Foleyesque response there.

I believe I was on the bench at the time of said hapless defending. I’ll accept your apology in person later, you cunt.

Eh? Thats harsh again. I admitted responsibility for the goal.

OK, I did insinuate that Farmers replacement at the back wasn’t as good a defender but I didn’t mention it was you.

Rocko didn’t press quickly enough. Rocko dangled out a timid leg when a crunching block tackle was required. Rocko’s lack of bravery resulted in him deflecting the ball into the goal. Blame: Rocko 100%.

Fuck the lot of yiz. Jugs won’t even show his face in the pub the ginger cunt.

Monkey let’s put this behind us. Bandage is jealous of our camaraderie and has tried to drive a wedge between us.

No problem Rocko, apology accepted.