Versus Sin Nombre

A fucking embarrassing performance tonight. Cesc4 got a few goals so can be content enough and Bandage made some decent saves (why the fuck he needed to is another point) but that was a shambles of an effort from everyone else.

I can’t see Tinnion featuring in a TFK squad under my management again. He was laborious, lethargic and lazy. He wasn’t the only one who was shite tonight but a line must be drawn and a decision must be made. Tinnion, consider yourself CUT.

Those who showed insolence at half time (Tinnion and Clarkey) will be disciplined appropriately. Clarkey arguing that he doesn’t need to speak because he was marking nobody but wasn’t going to pick up the runners either so he’d nothing to say. Mother of God.

Anyway we got the three points despite everything. But we won’t get a draw agaisnt halfway competent teams with that level of performance.

As previously outlined I wasn’t marking anybody cos they had 3 attackers and we had 4 defenders. I suppose I should’ve shouted to you to stick with the man you were marking but I would’ve thought that was reasonably obvious. You cunt.

That was awful stuff.

Terrible altogether.

Hate to say I told you so rock, but i believe i brought up tinnion’s poor attitude a few weeks ago…

You did indeed. To be fair Pukey my eyes were already opened to his deterioration but I had a misplaced loyalty to the lad and thought he’d recover his form. The sad part is he seems to have accepted his fate and I’d guess he’ll almost be happy to be shown the door. He’s going through the motions and avoiding all responsibility. A dishonest footballer - something this club will not tolerate. Ever.


Any chance of a score lads?

No, I’m seeing a fat girl at the moment but I’m planning on dumping her over the weekend.

Send me a PM next week though.

I was looking for a loan you tight cunt… :angry:

It was 8-2 or 9-2. Cesc4 and myself with all the goals.

Similar enough to the line a certain Kilanerin player at home often used:

‘Myself and Matty Forde got 2-12 between us.’

‘What did you score yourself?’


Rocko, I must have missed making those saves you referred to. I think I made 2 decent saves; the rebound was dinked over my prone ample body after the second one for their second goal. We were indeed shit tonight all over the park. Really shit except for cesc4 and his 7 goals. We never play at a good consistent level. We raise our game playing decent teams and get completely dragged down to shit teams’ levels too. Pretty frustrating - the first 15 minutes was a joke in every aspect of the game, which was fairly annoying after we spoke about starting properly, moving it around simply and quickly and being organised at the back. And then went and did none of that.

It was never your decision to make, I made it clear months ago I was finished with this team. I’ve only carried on playing to honour my contractual commitments, they run until 19 September 2010.

Worst manager I’ve played under and worst track-backer I’ve played with.

Ah I thought there were a couple with your feet which are probably the two you’re referring to.

I will say that the balls we used tonight were a disgrace. Need to sort that out. I’ll do so at the weekend.

But the attitudes were stinking. We just fucking strolled around the place expecting others to score and make runs while we took it nice and handy against a bunch of imbeciles. And we got away with it because they’re really awful. But there are middle of the road teams in this league that would have taken points off us last night. No question. But it can’t always be the same - we can’t keep just moaning about how shit the game was and how shit we played without doing anything about it. I’m going to give serious thought to tactics and selection for next week because with the reserves struggling in their league and the first team showing good form only in the big games there’s something wrong.

Very good.


I’m going on record to say that I don’t think I actually played that badly, bar a period in the second half where I was tired and strolling about but didn’t want to come off. Usually I’m not pushed about those games where the win is a foregone conclusion but for whatever reason I wanted us to hammer those lads last night. As a team we were shi’it though.

Is it true that NY Red Bulls scouts were at the game last night looking at Tinnion?

He won’t be joining them if they were.

It’s a done deal Mac, I’ll be unvelied as one of their DPs in the coming weeks.

I just want this sorry chapter of my career to be over.

Tinnion as the fans representative on this board I think I speak for all of us when I say:


Duly noted Pukey.

Things just aren’t working out between me and Rocko. It is my considered opinion that in the fullness of time, history will record the greatness of briantinnion and it will be recorded at Rocko’s expense.