Versus Sophis

A smaller squad than usual today.

Bandage has refused to play on the same team as Jugs for the moment due to Jugs’ indefensible tardiness last week. Thanks for Farmer and the returning Stevie G who did their best to fill the epic space vacated by the TFK legend. I’m working hard behind the scenes to have Bandage and Jugs on the same team again but we’ll need to see some radical changes in behaviour from the ginger vegetarian before the situation improves.

Anyway a six-strong squad (also short of Bandage and the freescoring Monkey Allen) triumphed 12-2 against Sophis. It’s only 14 months since Sophis were neck and neck with TFK for a league title so to win so comprehensively was a magnificent achievement.

Goals from:

Rocko X4
Cesc4 X4
Gar X2
Jugs X1
Stevie G X1

Highlights: some of the goals were top drawer but I’ll leave it for someone else to describe my third. A wicked drive with the outside of my right boot from distance that brushed the post on its way in. A cracking strike.

Lowlights: Farmer will have nightmares about the first goal.

A disappointing end to the game too when TFK were leaving the stadium and were casually wondering aloud to one another how Sophis ever ran us close. We then noticed one of them was walking beside us with his head down so felt suitably embarrassed for slagging them off. Unfortunately Cesc4 took ages realising this and continued to laugh at their ineptitude within direct earshot of one of their players. TFK have more class than that and I’d like to publicly apologise to any Sophites on this forum.

Ah this is a lovely result. Lovely. Ah lovely.