Versus THE PIRATES 13/04/2010

Squad for tonight:

Arshavin23 (capt.)

Arshavin23 makes a sensational return, coming out of retirement in TFK’s hour of need. Bandage, Rocko, Fats, Jugs, BA and Gar all dropped.

I’ve added Fats to the squad tonight as we need some experience.

It’s going to be tough but as long as we play with a bit of pride I’ll be happy.

Well no surprise tonight. Beaten by a team of creamers.

Order will be restored for Thursday.

Came back from 4-1 down to make it 4-4 before conceding again.

I kept a clean sheet during my 15 minute spell and made two sensational saves. We’re on our way back. F**k Rocko.

Tinnon can you facilitate us with some more information on this game, and your management there of.

The reign of Rocko is over it seems.

It was very much an experimental line-up MBB, players were tried in various positions (we had four keepers - I was the only one to keep a clean sheet), new tactics were tried (we used Cesc4 as a “false 9”). All in all I was pleased with how things went, last night wasn’t about the result, it was about taking our first step on the road to recovery. There is something rotten at the core of TFK at the moment it’ll take time to put it right.

I’ll present more details later today.