Versus WTS 4/3/09

A draw tomorrow and we win the league. It doesn’t get any bigger than this.

The higher you build your barriers, the stringer I become




Rocko ©


briantinnion undegoes a late fitness test to be the ninth member of the squad.

I give myself an 80% chance of making it.

Tinnion is OUT - repeat OUT.

I guess the above line has never been more apt.

Will Tipptops and MBB being going along again to cheer on a crowd of strangers from the internet?

Are you begrudging the fact that they only turn up to the big games and you’re there week in week out Mac?

Hopefully there will be a decent crowd there. I should make the second half.

As a fellow Wexford man Tinnion, you’ll know that we’ve become accustomed to band-wagoners a long time ago. When the unglamorous ties roll around at the start of the next season you know you can always rely on the ultras to be there for you.

Tomorrow, last year. Change the date please.

Farmer is going to have a stormer tonight, he’s so focused on the match he got the year wrong.

I was thrown on Tuesday night during the reserve team match when the sole on my trustee left astro boot ripped off. It became panic after the game when I realised there was a hole after appearing in one of my gloves too. I wore new astro boots around the house yesterday evening to try to get acclimated, while I also spent some time firing a football off the wall in the hallway and testing out the grip on my new gloves when catching the rebounds. Not ideal at all to be going into a crunch game with untested boots and gloves.

May I suggest you arrive early to the ground Bandage so that we can lash a few shots at you…

… and also test out your gloves by kicking the ball at you.

Please check your email inboxes for a hurried motivational email lads. I’m nearly in tears here at my desk. Greatness awaits.

I’ll have a PM please.

Ah lovely. :clap:

Have read better pieces by Jimmy Floyd Hasselwaink.

Multiple league champions.

More to follow after our press conference commitments.


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

:guns: :clap: :pint: :clap: :clap: :clap:

What a fucking victory. Forza TFK!!!

:clap: :clap:

A double round of applause to signify back to back championships.

Just had a flashback to Rocko’s pre-match team talk:

Rocko: We don’t want to overestimate these lads but we’re only six points ahead of them with 2 games left so they’re decent enough. Take out the game we beat them in earlier this season and we’d only be 3 points ahead of them so we need to be at it from the start.

Me: Nah, we’d be level with them.

Rocko: What?

Me: We’d be level.

cesc4: Yeah, we’d be level.

Rocko: No, we wouldn’t. We’d be 3 points ahead of them.

Jugs: Nah, there would have been a 6 point swing. We’d be 3 points less if we lost and they’d have 3 points more if they beat us.

Rocko: What?

Everyone: Eh, we’d be level.

Rocko: Well, what if we lost and they didn’t win that game? We’d be 3 points ahead, right?

Me: Eh, that wouldn’t have been possible, you fooking idiot. How could we lose and they still not win?

Smelly: What would the table be like if our first game with them was a draw?

I just want to place on record my love for my team mates.

You go guys.