Want a crack at Spillane or Lockie?


To be honest, I hate these cringing type things. Lets dress up all the audience on club colours, and have them shouting and roaring when they make reference to you, and then have a couple of local funny buckos up talking about some great time when they won the junior B championship in 1974.

The GAA is far too regressed. It really needs to move forward with this kind of stuff. Its stuck in the dark ages with its ‘entertainment’ value. Now I’m not saying cheerleaders or anything, but fook me there is nothing I hate more than some scuttery pipe band wailing out the national anthem before a game. Down in Thurles for the colleges hurling final they had some ridiculous old Irish ballad type song from the 50’s going at half time, yet the majority of the attendance would have been about 14-18 years of age. and fooking Brush shields, go way ta fook.

They did a great job I thought of the fireworks and displays for the 125 anniversary game, played good modern Irish hit songs and had a good show on. they need that kind of balance, not to lose tradition, but get the fook away from the nausiating crap.