A new adjudicator for the Celeb Spotting thread.

Current adjudicator will have been in the job for six months this coming Friday and will be removed from the position as the moritorium will be up.

We need a dynamioc young go getter who can get the Celeb Spotting thread back to the great thread it once was. The last six months have been an absolute shambles

Anyone who is intereted or would like to nominate someone for the post please do so in this thread

I nominate chewy.

I nominate Farmer. :slight_smile:

I second that!

I think Farmer has been excellent.

I second chewie.
Please close the thread, we have a decision

Farmer has been fair, consistent and even-handed in his decisions, and most importantly, has dealt with the pressure of adjudicating in an exemplary fashion. He’s also grown into the role, which, considering his already massive frame, is some achievement.

4 more years.

Farmer is excellent. However his failure to deal with the quinn thread is a serious black mark. If he does deal with the quinn thread and admits his mistake then im sure he’ll win it by a landslide

In Farmer we trust.

This thread isn’t working out well for chewy so far. He seems to have misjudged the mood of the forum on this matter.

I endorsed Farmer last time out and I will probably endorse him again. Not overly impressed with the other options.

I had a wobble over Farmer at the weekend when he didn’t allow Dawn Porter. Then I googled her and I realized I didn’t know who she was either. I was thinking of Dawn Somebodyelse.

I thought that was excellent adjudication by Farmer and I now regret my initial knee jerk reaction.

would it be the porter part you remember

google gail porter parliament there

That’s the girl. Thanks tan

I was going to suggest Linsey Dawn-McKenzie, who used to go out with Wimbledon’s Dean Holdsworth.

Which I think is as good a job application for this position as there can be.

glad to be of service

if you are suggesting that some bint is a celeb because she once jumped dean holdsworth then i think you are running close to a banning raather than a job

If you don’t know of the Loaded-era (and latter-day “late-night” TV) legend that is Linsey Dawn McKenzie then you don’t deserve to call yourself a man, pal.

[quote=“twiceasnice97, post: 693707”]
would it be the porter part you remember

google gail porter parliament there[/quote]

Jaysus. Ive more hair than gail porter now

I would like to nominate thedancingbaby for the job, i think he would be an excellent appointment and would be fair to everyone.