Was Charlie Nicholas better than Dalglish


I’d say Charlie had more natural talent than Kenny but Dalglish was settled with a wife and weans, think he was 27 when he joined Liverpool, whereas Nicholas was pumping page 3 burds in London at 21. Bassa!

Make no mistake that Dalglish was a far superior player but…if Nicholas had better guidance and joined Liverpool a couple of years later he truly could have been up there with the very best and ahead of kenny


Electric chair in Texas is what this thread deserves rather then a dungeon.

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Which one is Charlie Nicholas again?

Dinger of a question mate. Charlie could create and finish but lacked the dour Protestantism that you seem to need to be a success in England.


Call me ‘curveball funtime’ if you will but frank McAvennie was the finished article and superior to both. Discuss

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Would you ever fuck off

My friends call be chocolate ‘bleedin obvious’ mouse but Henrik Larsson was the greatest striker to ever play for Celtic. Using at least two examples from above, compare and contrast Celtic’s strikers since the 70ss

I’d have Tony Cascarino ahead of all those other Celtic legends.