Watchyourtoes has broken Estebans fragile mind

What have I said about travellers?

No. I’m asking you.

They’re all still under the bed after ating too
much corn syrup last night.

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Ask the man who said it.

Said what? You’re struggling badly here.

Said that.

Is that racist :joy:

I suppose I could end up in jail for that.

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In the context I’d say so ya.

A TFK expert on travellers told us that most travellers are bullied in school. You’re in an awful heap here.

So you decided to make it a mantra have you?

Were you bullied in school?

Look, I don’t bother with the travellers forum. This is the cesspool forum. I thought it would be a safe place, now you’re blurring the lines and cross contaminating the whole shebang.


Bit early to be drinking lads


You’ve gone hysterical since you were outed as a bigot over the weekend.

That’s all you have?
A one trick pony.

I was bullied as a child


You have to zone out bro. Let the clowns have their hate and anger and see where that gets them. They are not for turning.

Which TFK expert said that most travellers were bullied in school?

Because it wouldn’t be like you to completely misquote somebody, would it??

I think it might be your man @backinatracksuit

Why don’t you quote for us there what he said so

His profile is open, search away, should take a few seconds for you to clear that up

Very busy now pal, will do so later.