Water coolers

Im just curious as to which tap people drink from in work. The cold tap or the room temp tap. I must say previously i would have been a big cold tap person, but when you are a bit delicate as i am this morning (i over did it a bit last night), the room temperature water goes down very easy, what do you guys think?

I’m mostly a room temp man however I’ve been using the cold tap alot more recently, mostly because the air con in my place of work is sh!te and the place is like a sauna.

And Ball - you didn’t over do it, you went home at 11pm!

I had to go home to dry off, after someone split a pint over me. Remember?

Im alwyays a cold tap man myself but recently I have been drinking the water sparingly. I’m pretty sure the filter hasnt been changed in a while and there’s a right manky taste beginning to develop in the water

You spilled the pint over yourself jackass.


warm water is apparently very good for your system, your stomach doesn’t have to go to the trouble of heating the cold water before it uses it, or something like that, so i’m a room temp man.

Heard that before the bhoy but it doesn’t bother me. Cold tap all the way. I usually have water in the fridge at home as well even though that’s apparently not good for you either.

Cold water. Cold water all the way.

10 cold waters.