We were humane to sadaam hussein

Can any of you send me a link to the video (s) which were released of his hanging… the unofficial one, where you can see him dangling, you know the one that sky news keeps showing: where everyone is taunting him, “Where’s you messiah now?” and “You call yourself king of the jews” and “look at you, shiite head” but i doesnt show the actual execution

has anyone seen this? does it have a you tube link?

Extremely surprised to actually find it on you tube. They drop him after 1min 38 sec. I wanna say a big thank you to our troops in Iraq for helping to nail the cnut.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXdK-zMuiEM - you have to register because its “offensive” apparently. Also its funny if you listen to it with full volume:

Sadaam “Allah Atkbar, allah atkbar”

Executioner: “Fook off you, you shiite head, were gonna drop ye, thats what you get for fookin with America, now lets all go to Vegas and blow the cash we got”

“Oh beautiful, for spacious skies… take that you dirty Arab”

Clearly now the Iraq war is justified, and farmer i have been trying to argue the intangible benefits of the war with you for a while, but here’s something tangible, nailing Sadaam. I feel sorry for his brothers tough; they seemed like gas lads, i thought it was funny when they would show up for court in their pyjamas and start giving the judges jip

Also any notions that Iraq is becoming the next Vietnam are wrong too

What a horrible mess they made of the execution - just shows how little control the US actually have over the country despite their protestations to the contrary.

The line the US have maintained is that the Iraqi’s were in control of the execution and they had no control over it. I remember the press conference where the US general said that sadaam was in a “dignified” state when they handed him over to the authorities.

It would look even worse we were seen to have a direct hand in the act itself. They purposely stayed clear of it.

Look sadaam was a mentaller, fact. Might i suggest that this is one instance where the end justifies the means

What a mess this has turned into. It would have served them better to jail him for the rest of his life, he would have died soon anyway. All it has served to do is turn him into a martyr. He has ended up looking like the dignified one. With hindsight it would have been better to have shot him when they found him in the hole and avoided this whole disaster of a show trial.