Wedding Etiquette


Cant believe any of you even clicked in to watch it. Cant think of anything I’d want to watch less than an “hilarious” best mans speech, by someone, about someone, you don’t even fucking know. I struggle to get through the ones I do fucking know. Say the thank you’s and move the fuck on, its not about you mate.


You’re right, mate. I’m very angry with myself.


Id say if you could cover the wedding and associated costs out of it you would be doing well


Lasted about 1m20s myself and exited for much the same reason as yourself


I couldn’t say


Was that not the entire crux of the best mans joke?


We didn’t even get near it but we knew that before we started.


If you see the word “Hilarious” in a headline you should know better than to click into it at this stage.


I got married in the teeth of a vicious recession so got a good deal at the time


Especially if its in inverted commas like that. Thats a real giveaway.


It’s the hidden costs that are a cunt.

Flowers and the likes.

Price deliberately upped because it is a wedding.

You would learn from going through it once but the thing is you probably won’t go through it again!

And the horse has bolted of course.


Someone probably gave him a house as a wedding present


One of the best moments in life in terms of a wedding is the realisation that someone cannot attend but have put €50 in an envelope for you.


I actually cringed reading that.


You should get something for that constipation mate.


I’m grand pal. I’ve just had a very successful evacuation


Free money


He got the meal at €50 a head and I’ve had worse wedding meals let me tell you.

260 × €50 = €13k
If we assume average gift was €100 that’s €26k.
I know they got very generous gifts from both sets of parents amounting to well over €10k. Then wealthy guests or uncle’s/aunt’s might give a few hundred. They raked in over €45k it’s fair to say.

That leaves €32k to cover band, flowrers, photos etc and you can see how he easily got €20k profit out of it.


At a time when you are handing over cash for stuff you’ve lost track of completely.

It’s like water in a desert.


Easy get 20K profit when you count 10K given by each set of parents. Or was it 10K total?