Wedding Etiquette


€50 a head for the meal only, or pre-reception food/drink and evening finger food included?

It couldn’t have been great.

You said he made enough out of it for a new car and deposit on a house. €20k?!!


If you have an average gift of €100, surely then this is factored in and no need to take account of a few people giving a few hundred.


The lowest would be €100 each.


The real money is in inviting people who are already married. Otherwise it’s just resting in your account until you’ve to give it back


Good thinking.


I hate to do it to you as you are a top, top poster but…

That never happened!


Invite those relatives and neighbours and cut the friends you are 50/50 about. An added bonus of not having to go to their weddings as well


It was €50 a head farmer and trust me it was good. Not Michelin star but good for honest country folk who found no fault in it. I know someone paid €80 a head where the food was diabolical. Also have had €100 a head food which was obviously good but unmemorable.

They got a big gift off each of their parents which I conservatively estimated at €10k but it was in fact rumoured to be above €20k. He’s buying a cheapish second hand car but the wedding has also put them over the top in terms of getting on the property ladder.

Just because you weren’t frugal with your wedding and came out thousands down don’t think it wasn’t doable. And you will be really seething at this part - it was a very, very good wedding.


I got married to Mrs FWP in a registry office in Dublin. Just the two of us, little FWP and two witnesses (friends who worked nearby). Family and friends still dont know we are married. Went to Elys (I think its called) for lunch, gave a gift to two witnesses and had a smashing day.


you weren’t the only one, I can picture him spending weeks agonising over the selection prior to the wedding


She doesn’t wear a wedding ring then presumably? Nor you?

I’d do that but wouldn’t be allowed in current arrangement.


No rings


Mate of mine did similar.
There is a group of us that went to college together, obviously all similar age and all getting married within a few years of each other. We had been looking forward to his potential wedding as a good chance for a get together. He sent out of a message of a Tuesday afternoon to tell us he’d just got married and he’d meet us for a few pints the following week.


Far be for me mate to put down got honest country food. I love the carveries myself.

But I was at a wedding before which sounds similar in that the food was felt like it was being done on the cheap. And you after giving €200. There is a feeling of being duped. The couple are trying to save money yet you are giving the expected present.

I am actually delighted that everyone had a good time but the sounds of someone bragging about being able to fund serious things in life over what you made from a wedding doesn’t come across well.


Imagine the amount of his employers time and money was spent by him inside in KPMG in the weeks leading up to his wedding deciding which Moby song to put on the wedding CD. And clients waiting on tax returns.


Everyone langered anyway, as if they would be listening to that shite he picked


Like Nicky English is it?


A good job probably!


Agreed the bragging doesn’t sit well with me either I’m just stating facts. He made a good few bob out of it, parents big gifts helped and also the cheap meal plus large guest list. I expected the meal to be poor but it was actually very good value. As I say I had €80 per head food that was dog shit by comparison.


Fair enough mate.