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We’ve been to Cornwall a few times, great spot. You can make a lovely road trip from Holyhead to the end of Cornwall taking in Bristol, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, beautiful pubs with rooms and spectacular food all along the way, lovely countryside and spectacular beaches and fish and chips in Cornwall.


Woburn is real posh .

The English care about their countryside, Few roaster vulgar detached houses polluting the environment .


I can see that in my mind’s eye. It seems outstanding.


Send on link to the camps you went to in cornwall with kids there plz


Woburn, Steppingley, Ampthill - little gems with a fine class of resident


Perran Sands Haven park in Perranporth is fantastic, it’s in the middle so it’s handy for Newquay, the Eden Project, St Ives and Padstow, the park is on the beach and there’s great beaches very nearby.


I never knew Bristol was down that way, or you mean to say it’s between Holyhead and Cornwall? I clicked something earlier from the NY Times, the 52 places to visit in 2018, and much to my amazement Bristol was on their list. How far would Cornwall be from Holyhead?


It’d be a days drive if you wanted it to be, I don’t mind Wales but if you and the bird were going I’d suggest driving from Holyhead to Bristol, checking that out for a couple of days and then snaking down towards Cornwall through rural Somerset, do a bit of research and you’ll find brilliant places to stay off the beaten track,


you’d want your head examined to drive from Holyhead to Cornwall, fly to Bristol or Newquay and rent a car


I was thinking the same. FFS it’d take two days to drive from Limerick to Cornwall. I drove over and back from Limerick to the mainland a few times on the car ferry. I don’t care for it. You’d be losing minimum of a day.


a complete waste of a day


You’re probably right, we’ve always had the kids in tow so the ferry is fierce handy and you’d be across Wales in a few hours, the other bonus is having a night in Wexford on the way.


Most Irish towns evolved at the foot of their overlords big house and the peasants lived in mud huts due to penal laws and their English masters trying to exterminate them. The English didn’t have to contend with this.

Some context, please.


Get over it for fuck sake


True but we can’t blame brits and landlords for the culture of the brown envelope to circumvent best planning practice in modern Ireland .


We can actually.


Understandable with kids to go on the ferry and for economics reasons too but a single man or couple would need to be off their heads to do same.


And we bloody well do .


the oirish are the most oppressed people ever you have to remember :rofl:


@ChocolateMice swallowed a history book