Wedding Etiquette


Fair enough mate, you asked the question.
It depends what you want, I wouldn’t consider a drive through a country I’d never been to as a waste of a day but if you’re in a rush and you’ve no kids to haul along then there might be better things to do, if you just want to see Cornwall then fly to Newquay, I was extolling the virtues of the road trip


Was in Bristol a few times years ago. i had an aunt that used to live in Chepstow and we used to visit. Remember going for day trips to places like Gloucester, Bath, Monmouth, Tintern Abbey. Another time I drove down to Taunton in Somerset. Nice country.


In fairness most oirish are well over that stuff or are too busy now to be wallowing in pity over it.
God save the queen in i croke park proved that


That’s a fair day trip from Chepstow


its fascinating to think they are still imbeciles stuck in a timewarp, waffling on about “de brits”


I spent two nights in Gloucester one year when I couldn’t find or afford accommodation in Cheltenham and found it an unmerciful hovel for a shit hole to be honest. Bath is supposed to be nice alright.


The Cathedral is worth a visit. Must be forty years since I was there. Heard it’s a bit rough alright.


Unbelievable architecture in Bath


Cheaper to fly most of time the ferry is v dear but as @backinatracksuit with kids you can bring whatever you need. Drove to france last yr its grand. In fact once you get to france its enjoyable enough spinning around



Bath is a very strange place at night myself and mrs Donovan gave a weekend down there a few years back and went out for a few on the Saturday night, some very strange folk in the pubs around there and some very strange pubs in fact


Folks without tattoos who spoke civilly and coherently to each other?
That’s fairly standard outside Waterford mate.


I’m living long enough away from Waterford to realise that mate


Bath is perfectly normal in comparison to Birmingham. When the end comes and all that’s left is hellholes in ruins inhabited by the desolate and utterly hopeless, it will look like Birmingham.


Go way, you can’t even pronounce it properly…No wonder everyone treated you peculiarly when you kept calling it Bat… Pronounce your th you bog bastard.


They must be keeping an eye on TFK


Your the bog bastard living in a mud hut in the arsehole end of Ireland


Little bit harsh on Birmingham. It’s gone through and is going through a lot of redevelopment. Broad street is an unmerciful cunt hole but venture away from there and it’s full a great spots like the Jewellery Quarter. Birmingham has a lot going for it at the minute but still gets shit because no money was invested in it years. Instead it went to Manchester and Liverpool and as a result Birmingham was left behind.


Fair enough, but I haven’t been there in 10 years and I dont foresee myself going back. It was like something out of the walking dead.


I live in Rochestown, mate. In one of the greatest cities on earth and voted the no.1 best place to visit recently by lonely planet. You’re on here trying to convince yourself you love living in England when deep down you just want to come home.