Weekend Betting

Surely Offaly +7 at 10/11 V Tipp is the bet of the weekend…Tipp should win but i expect Offaly to give them a right rattle

Armagh 13/8 is still the standout for me.

+1 bizarre

I thought the same about wexford +9 but they fucked me over so steering clear of it

Ah but Wexford had absolsutely no scoring threat, Offaly do, the two games v Galway should have brought them on a good bit, both were fairly physical and a decent pace to them as opposed to the Wexford Galway game which was over after 50 minutes

You couldn’t go backing Wexford with the handicap, because by their nature once they know they are beat their heads drop and teams generally walk all over them. Battling qualities wouldn’t be their strong points. They are not called the yellow bellies for nothing.

Standouts for me this weekend

Armagh 13/8 (freely available)
Monaghan +2 4/5 (BlueSq)
Cork -5 4/5 (Ladbrokes)
Offaly +8 10/11 (Victor Chandler)

For what its worth, an accumulator on the above outcomes with Blue Sq or 888 Sport is 17/1. (Monaghan +2@4/5, Armagh @6/4, Cork -6@evs, Offaly +7@evs).

Good bet.

Hmmm, I’m not happy with this statement, By the way the Wexford footballers have shown more battling qualities than any other team this year.

dublin (-1) to beat armagh 6/5
dublin (-6) to beat antrim 8/13
kildare to beat derry 5/4
cork (-5) to beat wexford 4/5
rovers to beat galway 5/6
pats to beat dundalk 6/5

Having a small interest on Warrington +6 against Wigan now.

Ah lovely. My beloved Wolves don’t let me down. Wigan well on top early on but inexperience and lack of physicality cost them. Super kicking game from Wolves.

Don’t know where you are getting the 6/5 but they are 11/10 with Bet365 and i think it’s a bet that will come in…

id keep it to those highlighted in bold and thro a decent cut on that
id price that as a 3pt acca, your six timer id say maybe 0.5pt

Cork -5 to beat wexford is very very decent but i have no clue where u are getting the 4/5 from, the -6 is trading 10/11 most places and i cannot see 4/5 for -5.
id plump with the -6 regardless, Cork are ticking along nicely and i think they will tear out of the blocks against the yellowbellies ,id be looking at a fonal score in the region of 1-17 to about 0-10 here.

Rovers will beat Galway who are a bankrupt shambles right now, rovers are on a high after thursday night and whilst not been the most pleasing on the eye they are a very organised unit with powerful players,id take under 2.5 goals and rovers to win to nil.

Pats will beat dundalk who will struggle to field 11 players here, europe has been bad to dundalk a 4/0 defeat to rovers last sunday followed by a 6/0 thumping in sofia on thursday night.
they wanted the LOI to postpone their games against rovers and pats on account of europe but were told to get ta fook, Pats will win here id imagime.

dublin-6 to beat antrim id say is sound enough, but i couldnt be putting dublin-1 or kildare at derry in any acca.
dublin footballers are a poor side and betting against Derry in Celtic park is a dangerous prospect especially against a bunch of windy cunts like kildare.

over the weekend,
ill be backing Rovers and Pats, im trying to find a firm to give me Down-2 at offaly, its currently -3 at evens but may move tomrrow,
Down at -2 is a great bet i think, offaly hacve struggled past clare and waterford who are utterly shite and will be beaten this weekend.
monaghan look tempting also +1 with stephen o neill out for tyrone

in summary

pats / rovers / down -3.
2.5 pts treble

get fcuked mickeeyid…go on to powers and do alternative handicaps.i’ve actually made a few quid by
going a few points short of their recommended handicap (i.e. the original handicap they offer at evs. or
10/11)…they are never far out so go for the 8/13 price handicap and see how many times u win… B)

thats the price i got from powers earlier in week…looks like the price crumbled after i got involved… :o


Woods is 5-1 to win the open. He’s three behind second place. He played well yesterday in the absolute shite. He loves this course.

I think this represents cracking value. He even returns an each way profit.

Scumpot and i knew.

I’ll reinvest a small few quid from that on John Mullane at 9/1 to score the first goal in the Munster final coming up, out of interest as much as anything…

A contest of who didn’t want it least.
Well done sir :clap: