Weekend bettting


looking at PP online

waterford +5 vs limerick
meath - 2 vs tipp

is surely a nice dbl at the weekend?

what think u gah types?

wales +9 surely must be worth it also

for obvious reasons horse racing opportunities will be limited this weekend

I wouldn’t be confident of Meath covering the handicap at all at all there, mickee…

I would expect Limerick to cover the handicap at the weekend as well. (I’m assuming that’s football!!)

you are correct that is football
i made that call purely based on data available
removing kilkenny from NFL equations and outliers like say donegal thrashing laois over 90 per cent of games this year are all close run affairs.
based on this a +5 point handicap in a div 4 NFL game is very generous indeed.

looking at last week in div2 ,PP gave a +7 for westmeath aginst meath, and + 6 tipp vs down, 2 very close games in the finish

i was doing this on paper earlier,
looking at waterford, they beat letrim, drew longford and carlow,
i think its a decent bet

Limerick at home in football are likely to win 85% of the time against 90% of oppisition.

Might not be a bad bet mickee, Limerick wouldn’t be in the habit of thrashing teams.

Arsenal -1 v Hull away seems like banker material to me. Arsenal in goal crazy form at the moment and cant see the likes of Zayette, McShane and Kilbane keeping them out. Hull are better at home but they are playing Arsenal at a bad time. I’ll be having a heavy punt on PP online at 11/10.

Might stick a tenner on Wigan 3/1 to beat Bolton away. Wigan are incredibly unpredictable but are far too big at that price.

Clare are 5/6 -6 against London tomoorrow with bet365 the handicap is -9 on most other firms, sounds like a P.K. to me.

I had a nice 16-1 accumulator on the go and the last result I needed was for them English pricks to win in the rugby :angry:

Dublin are out to 4/6 in running now. Just gone behind but Monaghan down to 14.

waterford 1-12 limerick 1-11

I hope you didn’t go for this one mickee

i did !
i threw it in a double with kevin ryan’s tiddliwinks who won an exciting contest today at Wolves at 4-1

Apparently JP and AP are “excited” about binocular on tuesday…
its that excitement that gets me thru these minor mishaps

anyway, hopefully meath will oblige tomorrow

as the game is on early , if they do win -2 im going to back cork at 11-5 against KK with some of the swag

Hope to fook they’re wrong, I’m on Go Native, he has paid up very well for me so far, know a few lads in the yard and they are well up for Tuesday.

By the way that sounds very Maire gan gaire, mickee B)

it is what it is.
i attempted to turn a tenner into eighty quid and i failed because i stupidly doubled a well thought out bet in a cracking race at wolves with an ill informed punt on a sport i know very little about.
i could have had a dig at you saying that the lads at noel meades yard are “up” fot the champion hurdle which is clearly a ridiculously obvious and banal statement but i quite frankly couldnt be arsed.

Aren’t you very touchy mickee

if anyone is boired today u could do worse than having a few 5er EW bets on the yokes below

3-20 towcester, dinarius @ 8-1
5-25 limerick , minella class @ 12-1
5-05 navan, sigma lifestyle @ 16-1
5-05 navan, puddencullinan @12-1

the time has eventually arrived where i must decide how i will play the supreme novice hurdle on tuesday
im thinking about weighing in VERY heavy EW behind JP’s Getmeoutof here at 11-2 with PP, sure if dunguib wins ill get my money back anyway.

i have an AWFUL feeling some coont like Puyol will storm up the hill and take it at 33-1, what a win that would be for the bould Paddy out in Tallaght,
when i think supreme novice hurdle i think of Ebaziyan who won at 40-1 in 2007 and was never seen again except for plodding miserably around DK in 2009 in a woeful handicap on the AW,
this sh!t will keep me awake for the next 2 nights

over to you…

got minella class at 9s… not bad…

others no where to be seen…

Dunguib will not be beaten