Weekend Drinking thread


Quoting a post and altering the content is artfoleyesque in its lameness. I’ll be mentioning my disgust at this to the lads during our meal later.

4/6 Rintintin to be dug out of a bouncer tonight

RTT seems a relatively placid, alright sort.

Wouldn’t have thought he’d be up to such high jinks?

I recall reading about Rintintin starting a fight with a traveller and getting the shit beaten out of himself recently.

Rintintin usually decides to spare himself the taxi fare home by getting himself locked up for the night.

i’ll have a monkey on that, i’m sure more likely to pay out than bricks, i’ll lodge the cash there now.

Lots of lies in this thread I see. Runt is the fighter, I’m merely there to handle the repercussions of his actions. I see myself as a character like Terry McCann and the Runt is Arthur Daly.

Ah, I see now!
Bet accepted.

A very shrewd move. In reality this is more like a 1/2 shot.

well seen as you returned the bet,at 1/2 i’ll double up for a grand. cash lodged.

F_O_F has really jumped the gun here, I’m driving!!

link walsh driving?

You not kipping at larryduff’s place tomorrow so?

Sleepover in Larryduffs place tomorrow night.
Confirmed attendees: Larryduff & Rocko
Unconfirmed attendees: thedancingbaby

Rocko to bring the popcorn and soda


I’m stuck in work for another while :angry:

:pint: x 9

We’ll see after that.

had a quick one in llanddulas on the way home…tucking in to a crate of miller followed by :pint: :pint:

fuckin hell


I’ll be keeping the cash F_O_F unfortunately RTT took his aggression out on me instead on a bouncer.
Split my head open :blink:

:o :lol: you pissed him off chatting bout tipperary hurling i spose.