Weekend Gambling

If someone has a copy of the racing post today, can they post Colm O’Rourkes selections up here? The shop I normally get it had none left this morning.

Kildare at 10/11 to beat Monaghan and Louth at 7/2 look standouts to me. I think the Dublin match last weekend showed that Monaghans victory over Armagh may not have been as good as it looked. Don’t think Corey will be back and there’s doubts about Shane Duffy starting as well from what I’ve heard. I think they went all out for Ulster and will be so disappointed after last weekends performance that it’ll be difficult to lift themselves. Louth are in a similar situation but have had an extra week to recover and refocus. I still think Dublin are terrible and they have yet to beat a proper team (us included) in the championship.

There was a lad on newstalk last night[Didn’t catch who it was] that said 2001 was the last time a team had won with only a 6 day turnaround since losing a provincial game.

what do people think about Australia vs South Africa.

South Africa have looked rubbish in the past 2 weeks.

Kildare certainly not value at 10/11.

Louth certainly are value at 7/2. 3 points the spread

Limerick at home to Cork at 9/2 is also overpriced. They have had a few weeks to get over the defeat to Kerry. you would think they should be able to get within 4 points of Cork at evens.

What is the weather forecast like for the weekend gentlemen?

Generally warm but overcast with the odd shower.

I’m just not feeling it for Limerick Saturday night. I think the loss against Kerry has drained every ounce of optimism that was left in body.

That said the players are hughly confident of a win Saturday, far more so than they were going into the Kerry game.

Galway at 9/5.

I wouldn’t touch Sligo or Kildare at the prices.

Tipp -2 is around 10/11, also very much like the look of the Waterford minors at 11/8 to beat Galway…Cork should beat the 9 point handicap too

Ya I think Tipp -2 will be my bet of the weekend

Its time for some house cleaning on here
Ive 2 bets

1 UCD to beat Rovers at 9-2 on Monday night is standout, or else id have UCD +1 at whatever price itll be
I cannot see UCD loosing this match, they are one of the best footballing sides in the league, ive seen them twice already against the hoops this year. 0/0 in march and loosing 2/1 to a last minute Twigg strike in Belfield.
Rovers will be a tired side on Monday and will have one eye on Thursday night, they will NOT win this match

2 Sir Mickey Stoute’s Giants Play in thirsk should be winning today, very solid previous form, ill be having a cut here at 16 20

This tipping king character is coming across as a serious bluffer BTW, that tip for limerick last night was a shocker and is not something id expect to see from a main who claims “ to back prices”
Id advise shutting down all those threads with honourable exception to the Dunphs much rightly lauded service.

Fitzy and WTB are mongs of the highest order for their carry on yesterday also.
they should be both shot.

also Kev, that PM about contacting a solicitor over that AFR carry on was out of order mate.

Well, if you read the previous message mickee i did warn you. In the W3 rules forum usernames can be copyrighted, and i gave you the chance.

Thats a good bet on UCD.

FFS kev,
That whole shit with you contacting the IT crowd in work as well to get my IP address is bollux as well, You haven’t a fucking hope.
I suppose you’ll be in contact with MBB later, the man who “ knows how the internet works”
Cunts the lot of ye


Too late mickee, i warned you, it was silly not to listen.



Limerick to score over 12.5 points 4/5 with PP. I’ve just put my rent money on it.

You could be living on the street so Julio, they haven’t scored more than that in last 4 meetings. Corks defense is better now than ever.

mickee, get thee over to the Celtic Transfer thread and tell us about this Israeli Arab we’re about to sign. Apologies for this briefest of off topic posts. I’ll get back on topic by recommending going all in on red.

Limericks forward line is much improved from the last few years though.

Is that just points? or the total score?

ie would 0-13 be a winner but 1-10 be a loser?

total score

Your right
Somethings gotta give TinTin. :smiley:

I suspect it will be tight.