Well Fuck it anyway

Spent the morning cleaning the car. Had the fucking thing pristine and a bird decides to have a scuttery shit all over the bonnet. I’ll have the cunt for dinner tomorrow

You could have phrased that a bit better :grinning::grinning:


You have a miserable existence


It cheers me up no end though to know it s not as miserable as yours.

I’ve just showed a few guys at the yacht club your post they sniggered


How many refugees did ye manage to smuggle in this time?

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There’s something about this belt of sun that has caught the birds unawares… they are shitting like it’s about to go out of fashion. My windscreen looks like a painter’s radio.


Did they leave you much of a tip?


No. They just fucked him over the pier

Bumped for @The_Selfish_Giant

Forgot to take out the contact lenses last night before I fell asleep.



Had you drink in? Happened to me before. Be grand.

At least you saw Limerick win one before they had to remove your eyes


I didn’t. Only started wearing the contacts more often recently so still in the habit of taking off the glasses and just going to sleep. Eyes were very red this morning.

I’m not sure of what use i’ll be to the Romanians if I cant see :grinning:

Fell asleep there after the dinner and just after waking up after about 2 hours. I’ll be trawling the night watchmen tonight

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You’ll be starving by 8pm as well.

Our work lotto syndicate had 3 out of 4 numbers in the Plus 1 draw. One number away from a nice return each :cold_sweat:

Bookies or shop. In the shop you’d get around 40 quid,

Bookies. 7 ball draw 3800/1 :cold_sweat: